Elena Heegaard - 011

Healing Lyme Disease, Creating a Movement, and Living Aligned with Elena Heegaard -011

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Elena Heegaard

Elena is the Director of Operations and Project You, and Founder of Leaves of Gratitude. She is an incredibly spirited, passionate, and giving human on a mission to become the fully expressed version of herself, and help others do the same in the process. She's a badass, a fellow redhead, and always speaks her mind. Enough said.

On this episode my chat with Elena Heegaard is nothing short of amazing. This badass and awe-inspiring woman has overcome more than her fair share by the age of 22. After a long and arduous journey with Lyme Disease, where she came out the other side victorious on many different levels, she has a lot to share and is happy to do it.

 Elena speaks with wisdom that is far beyond her years and is not only hilarious, but deeply empathic, moving, and a force for good. This episode will make you laugh, cry, get mad, feel supported, and probably get the shivers at least once or twice.


  • How Elena dyes her gorgeous red hair  (this one's for you redheads).
  • What Project You is.
  • The importance of female energy and how women push it away.
  • The rise of feminine energy and the balance of masculine energy.
  • How Elena and Katie met.
  • Leaves of gratitude - what it is and why Elena created it.
  • The importance of children connecting to natures.
  • Elena's origin story - how her passion for helping people started.
  • How  the injustice in her highschool sparked her passion for people reach their full potential.
  • The importance of celebrating the wins.
  • What "parking the car" means.
  • How Elena went from studying  Human rights law to entrepreneeurship and what spurred that change.
  • How her empathy started to make her feel heavy, sick, and exhausted. 
  • Elena's experience with Lyme Disease - how to started her journey down the self-help and personal development path.
  • How she got Lyme Disease and what happens if you get it.
  • The symptoms of Lyme Disease that Elena personally experienced. 
  • How her disease led her to feeling deeply depressed.
  • How she ended up with two types of Mono on top of her Lyme Disease.
  • The importance of having health advocates.
  • How she ended up reeking havoc on her gut by taking a month of antibiotics.
  • What is was like for her to be "completely out" for 6 months.
  • How her commitment to going to the gym helped her shift towards feeling better. 
  • Her decision to move to Vancouver helped her to see her situation more clearly.
  • How her powerful decision to change her mental state was the key to moving forward.
  • How Tim Ferris's book Tools of Titans  helped her discover the Keto diet and ultimately healed her of her disease.
  • How she did the Keto diet for just 2.5 weeks and remains symptom free to this day.
  • What "keto flu" is.
  • The importance of asking for support.
  • How she had to re-learn to trust her body again and love herself through the process of feeling fearful.
  • Where she is now in regards to her health and her feelings towards the disease and her past. 
  • How she stands firm in the belief that everything happens for a reason and it's an opportunity to "roll with it, and blossom from it".
  • The importance of taking your personal power back and to stop being the victim of your life in little ways.
  • The dangers of comparing yourself to others on social media.
  • Elena's systems for self-care and self-love.
  • How love is active not passive.
  • How climbing the tough mountain is always worth it.
  • The importance and power of creating structure in your day.
  • Why you need to "check yourself" if you're working too hard to make others happy instead of caring for yourself.
  • The importance of setting healthy boundaries and saying no.
  • Elena's advice to her 20-year-old self.
  • Elena's Rebel Cause.

Samantha Skelly - 010

Emotional Eating, Healing Our Relationship with Food, Money Mindset, Self-worth, Private Jets, and Taco T-Shirts with Samantha Skelly - 010 

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Samantha Skelly

Sam is a badass lady on a mission to revolutionize the weight loss industry by helping people identify what the physical weight they're carrying is representing. Instead of putting "bandaids on bullet wounds" with restrictive dieting and exercising, she's only interested in getting to the root of the issue. And she's damn good at it!

On this episode, I talk with Samantha Skelly of Hungry for Happiness. Our conversation is fun, inspiration, and highly informative. 

Listen in to hear Sam's story on how she went from having her own difficult struggles with food and weight, to creating a thriving business and movement that helps women heal their relationship with food and their bodies. 


  • Sam's origin story.
  • Her dreams before she started doing what she is now.
  • How her struggles with relationship to food started.
  • How overcoming her struggles with food spurred her to create this movement.
  • How restriction can cause your body to stop trusting you.
  • How our fight with food and body is all internal.
  • The most common root causes of an unhealthy relationship with food.
  • How women are building businesses like men and why it's not working. 
  • How Sam's feminine approach to building a business helps her succeed.
  • The importance of being in alignment with what you're doing.
  • How Sam arranges her day to prevent burnout.
  • The importance of play and how more play allows creativity. 
  • Self-worth and how it's essential for success in your business and life.
  • The importance of taking the focus off money and working on yourself.
  • How Sam cultivates a sense of self-worth in herself.
  • The phrase "I am in the process off..." and why it's helpful to use it.
  • How Sam is in the process of writing an album.
  • Money and how it relates to our relationship with food.
  • How we can change our beliefs to change our income.
  • How Sam went from making $30,000 per year to $300,000 in 12 months.
  • How worrying is he worst use of our imagination and how Sam was stuck in the cycle of worrying and how she changed it.
  • Dancing with darkness - how if we learn to dance with it and make peace with it, it can help us move forward.
  • How our only role while on this planet is to heal our bodies, and how leaning in to the darkness helps that to happen.
  • Why Sam started doing "90 Days of Still" and what it's taught her so far. 
  • Sam's new business idea. ;)
  • Looking at relationships as changing forms instead of ending.
  • What was on Sam's 2017 vision board.
  • How Sam manifests her vision quickly and consistently. 
  • Sam's advice to her 20-year-old self.
  • Sam's rebel cause. 

Sunny Lenarduzzi - 009

Keys to Success, Darkness, Celebrating, Uncomfortable Shifts, Trust, and Ah Ha Moments with Sunny Lenarduzzi - 009

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Sunny Lenarduzzi

First things first, she's the realist. Sunny is a social media wizard and YouTube expert. She's been featured in the likes of The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com and more recently was named one of the "20 Must Watch YouTube Channels that will Change Your Business" by Forbes. Sooo ya. She's a bit of a badass. It goes without saying that Sunny is an incredibly powerful woman with a name that more than matches her disposition. 

Ok, brace yourself. This episode is the bee's pajamas.

This week I sit down with Sunny Lenarduzzi, entrepreneur, CEO, and social media wizard to hear all about her circular path from broadcast student to being featured in Forbes as the one of the "20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business".

Sunny is a powerhouse, there's no doubt about that. But what I love and respect the most about her, is her genuine kindness and desire to help others. It shines through in absolutely everything she does. You will get a LOT of soul food from listening to this episode, as well as some very helpful business and social media tips and tricks. 


  • The reason why we get to burnout.
  • The importance of celebrating.
  • What a love journal is and why Sunny uses it.
  • What the “circular path to success is”.
  • What Sunny’s ultimate goal as a kid was.
  • How Sunny got her name.
  • Her career path and her first business and how she got to where she is today.
  • How she stumbled into creating YouTube videos.
  • Why she loves creating her videos and the intention behind them.
  • How she set her goals based on how she wants to feel.
  • The feeling she had as a child that she was destined for something big.
  • The importance of hard work.
  • How Sunny wanted to feel - her core desired feelings.
  • How sunny balances the masculine and the feminine. 
  • Her “ah ha” moment at the 2010 Vancouver olympics that changed the course of her career.
  • How her amazingly supportive family played a role in her becoming successful.
  • How her resistance to being told what to do shaped her decision to go off on her own.
  • The key to her success - not looking up at the whole mountain.
  • How authenticity plays a huge role in someone being successful or not.
  • Her first experience in business with her online magazine.
  • The two things her first business taught her.
  • The core belief Sunny has that everything happens for a reason.
  • How failure is a very powerful way to learn.
  • Criticism and how to handle it. 
  • Dealing with darkness and how it comes with the entrepreneurial territory.
  • Uncomfortable shifts and reverting back to old ways of being.
  • What happened when she went off social media for two weeks.
  • How she lost trust in herself and ended up burning out.
  • How she is stepping into her new role and the changes it means.
  • How darkness “comes from a place of being reactive and not looking backwards”.
  • How to deal with feelings of fear and scarcity.
  • The difference between a self-proclaimed expert and true expert.
  • What Sunny did on Instagram due to her recent frustrations.
  • The importance editing who you follow on social media.
  • Sunny’s vision then, now, and for the future.
  • Success ripples - why it’s one of the most important things for Sunny to create.
  • How Sunny finds “balance” and how she looks at it.
  • Sunny’s non-negotiables
  • Her experience with relationships and being single.
  • The biggest key in her relationship that keeps it healthy.
  • How Sunny and her boyfriend maintain balance in their relationship.
  • How her relationship is a “healing relationship”.
  • How being in different “worlds” helps keep her relationship healthy.
  • The tool that Sunny uses everyday that she couldn’t live without.
  • What social media platform Sunny thinks is best and why.
  • Sunny’s advice to her 20-year-old self
  • Sunny’s Rebel Cause

Karla Dreyer - 008

Escaping the Golden Handcuffs and Living a Life you Love with Interior Decorator Karla Dreyer - 008

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Karla Dreyer

Karla is an award-winning designer that has appeared in Style at Home Magazine, Design* Sponge, Magazine and Western Living. She also appears regularly on CityTv's Breakfast Television and CBC as their Design Expert. Her desire to inspire others through her creative work is the fuel that keeps her going as a trailblazer in her field. 

On this episode I sit down with Karla Dreyer, Interior Decorator and dear friend as we chat about everything but interior decor!

Karla started out in the corporate world and was very quickly becoming “successful” and found herself feeling locked in by those ever so sneaky “golden handcuffs”. She gives us insight into the pivotal moment that started to lead her on the path of becoming the sought after interior decorator that she is today.
It was (and always is) a pleasure to chat with Karla. I can’t say enough good things about the amazing woman! Listen in and soak up all her knowledge and good energy!


  • What Karla did before becoming an Interior Decorator.
  • How she was highly successful working a corporate job but unhappy.
  • The breakthrough moment that shifted everything for her.
  • How she realized that interior decor was what she wanted to do.
  • Why she went into the corporate world in the first place.
  • About her life on the “hamster wheel” in work and how the “golden handcuffs” played a role in keeping her there.
  • The importance of examples in your environment to inspire you to take action on your dreams.
  • A deeper look in the pivotal moment where everything shifted for her.
  • The importance of listening to your inner voice. 
  • What she did once she decided she wanted to leave the corporate world.
  • How she used blogs to learn about design and get inspired.
  • Her fist blog called “Lovin’ That”.
  • How moving helped her realize how much she loved interior design.
  • How she had trouble owning what she was doing and how the industry wasn’t always so warm in welcoming her in.
  • The importance of owning what you do, even if you’ve just started.
  • How she was held back by the opinions of others when she first started out.
  • All about how she manages running a business and having kids.
  • Her advice on having kids and growing/running a business at the same time.
  • How Karla wants her daughters to see her doing what she loves.
  • How she dealt with “mommy guilt”.
  • How she’s supporting her daughters' passions and what they are.
  • How the roadblocks ended up being a good thing.
  • How Karla managed to get her regular spots on local television shows.
  • The importance of getting out of the house and collaborating.
  • Her tips on how to do well in front of the camera.
  • Why inspiring creativity is so important to her.
  • Why being yourself is crucial and how it can be the most powerful thing.
  • What her “why” is and why it’s important.
  • How passion comes through the screen.
  • About the The Her Initiative.
  • Why you should “follow where your heart breaks”.
  • Karla’s advice to her 20-year-old self.
  • What Karla’s Rebel Cause is.

Kavita J. Patel - 007

Getting to the Root in Relationships, Self-Worth, Money, and Fear with Expert and Love Coach Kavita J Patel - 007

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Kavita J Patel

Kavita is a Love Coach, Intuitive, and a highly sought out expert in the world of love and relationships. She has helped thousands of "extraordinary women find and keep extraordinary love". Her ability to get to the root of relationship issues is truly exceptional. I's clear that Kavita is doing exactly what she's meant to be doing in this world!

I love love love this episode and I think you will too. This week I chat with Kavita J Patel, a Love Coach and Intuitive from the bright and beautiful New York. Kavita has been featured in The Huffington Post, Fox News, Women’s Health, Time Out New York, and CBS News for her transformational work. 

Trust me when I say, you do NOT want to miss this episode. Kavita shares a ton of wisdom around why we are the way we are when it comes to relationships, and the importance of being open to what romantic relationships can teach us.

Among many other juicy topics like money, fear of losing ourselves, and self-worth, we also chat about her pregnancy and dive into the sometimes difficult decision to have children. 

It was truly a joy to have Kavita on. I highly encourage you to take her 4 Types Love Quiz which is linked in the resources section.


  • Why Kavita Became a Love Coach and how she discovered her calling
  • Her personal journey with love
  • Her wake-up call and how it moved her to go deeper
  • How her family upbringing influenced the way she saw and experienced relationships
  • How she transformed her relationships and eventually turned that into her teachings
  • How she’s feeling now as she enters her second trimester of pregnancy
  • What really made the difference in her journey from going to awareness to actual change
  • How she resisted her partner’s support and why she did it
  • Why it matters how you see love and relationships when you’re a child
  • How we relate in order to evolve to a new state
  • The conversation with her Mom that changed the way she saw relationships
  • How opening up and showing her husband see that she needed him helped the relationship
  • How men like to be the provider and what you can do to truly help them feel needed
  • The importance of looking inward and being responsible for and owning your wounds and triggers
  • How releasing old wounds allows things you once resisted to become natural
  • How women give a lot of energy to men and how it’s important to bring that power back to ourselves so that we can bring good energy to the relationship
  • How romantic love brings our insecurities to the surface and why it’s actually a chance for us to grow and evolve
  • The importance of feeling “worthy from within”
  • How it’s ok to feeling wronged for a while, but it’s important to move on, grow, and open up your heart again
  • The top two things busy and ambitious women have difficulty with in love
  • The importance of giving and receiving love
  • How being someone that is giver of love, but one that over gives can sometimes be a compensation for not feeling worthy of receiving love without first giving it
  • The number one question you can ask yourself
    • What was my perception of my parent's relationship?
  • Kavita’s thoughts on money and how to deal with it in a romantic relationship
  • The decision of having children and Kavita’s thoughts around it
  • Kavita’s realization around having kids
  • The importance of allowing yourself to question whether or not you want to have kids
  • Kavita’s story of her journey to becoming pregnant
  • The fear of losing yourself in romantic relationships and having children
  • How the way we see motherhood is related to the childhood we experienced and how we see our mothers
  • The importance of understanding what you actually want when to comes to family and relationships and leading from that place
  • Self-worth and love and why we struggle with it
  • All about her Worthy from Within Course
  • What advice Kativa would give her 20-year-old self
  • What Kavita’s rebel cause is

Sam Vander Wielen - 006

Brain Surgery, Legally Protecting your Biz, Pivoting, and Asking for Help with Sam Vander Wielen - 006

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Sam Vander Wielen

Sam spends her days as an Entrepreneur, Health Coach, and Business Wizard helping women get their businesses legally protected without breaking the bank. She is an incredibly powerful and knowledgeable woman with a desire to really help. She's totally conscious of being fair and really taking care of the people she works with. Sam is an absolute gem!

There are SO many amazing takeaways from this episode. Not only does Sam share her journey of going through a recent brain surgery (yes you read that right), but she also shares how she went from being a corporate attorney to switching gears and jumping into life as an Entrepreneur and Health Coach.

A few things we touch on (and I mean just a few out of the MANY) include health, self-care, burnout, business, and need to know legal info.

And on the subject of legal, if you’re a small business and haven’t looked into the legal side of things listen up homie! Sam share a ton of useful information and resources around the legal side of having your own business.

Trust me when I say this, you will learn a lot of somethings from this episode. 


  • Why she had brain surgery and what it felt like to go through it
  • The lessons she learned from have the surgery
  • The importance of asking for help
  • Why she switched from a career in law to health coaching
  • Why she went to law school even though it was out of alignment for her
  • Her thoughts on how life is backwards
  • Pivoting - what it is and why it’s important
  • Following your passion and going for it
  • What legal things entrepreneurs need to be aware of
  • Getting your business in legal shape
  • The importance of protecting yourself legally
  • The 3 documents you need if you have a website, blog, or email list
    • Terms and conditions - the rules of your site, services, or product
    • Disclaimer - who you are, what you do, and what you don’t do and who you are not
    • Privacy policy - needed when collecting people’s personal information
  • How to protect your business name/brand
  • The difference between ™ and ®
  • Where to put the ™ symbol and the importance of being consistent
  • The thing that gets most entrepreneurs in legal trouble and what to do about it
  • How getting the legal side of things right can save relationships and businesses
  • Her instant download legal templates
  • Sam’s BizStorming sessions
  • The value of having someone to talk to when you work from home
  • The basic structure of a sales funnel
  • The importance of being genuine and putting out high value content
  • Nurturing and taking care of the clients you have
  • How Sam deals with burnout
  • The different seasons in life
  • The importance of remembering your why
  • Why it’s a good idea to spend time on your hobbies 
  • “You want to be interesting and interested” - a quote from Sam’s Mom
  • Isolation as an entrepreneur 
  • Sam’s advice to her 20-year-old self.
  • Sam’s rebel cause

Kaya Dorey - 005

Unexpected Entrepreneur Turned Sustainable Clothing Boss Lady with Kaya Dorey - 005

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Kaya Dorey

Kaya Dorey is the creator of Novel Supply Co. a sustainable clothing line of comfortable basics with a minimalist feel.  As a life-long North Vancouverite she's no stranger to adventure in the great outdoors and has created this line to be perfect for just that. Her love and respect for this planet has led her on a rebellion against an industry that is incredibly wasteful and destructive. #badasseryatitsfinest

In this episode, I sit down, in person, with Kaya Dorey founder of the sustainable clothing line Novel Supply Co. and rebel for all things eco. 

She’s like a badass eco ninja boss lady. 

I live out in the woods so it’s always pretty great when someone comes here to record seeing as they have to bounce along a dirt road to get here and often feel like they might be getting kidnapped. Kaya and her lovely man Chris braved the bumpy road along with their adorable dog Sophie. So needless to say it was a full house!

After filming some shots for a video Kaya was submitting for yet another award, I poured us a glass of bubbly and proceeded to dig into how she went from never thinking she’d be an entrepreneur to running a successful sustainable clothing line business.

If you’re wondering if you should start something or think you might not be able to make a difference or may not be qualified, then this is definitely the episode for you. Be a fly on the wall of this awesome conversation!


  • Why she started Novel Supply Co.
  • How Kaya finds balance in her day to day life while running a business.
  • What her vision was when she started and how it’s changed.
  • Her biggest struggle she's had to overcome.
  • Her advice when going into big meetings.
  • Issues that she faces when it comes to her relationship and her business.
  • What she does when she feels like she doesn’t want to keep going with her business.
  • What a day in the life of Kaya looks like while she runs a business.
  • What it felt like for her to pose nude for an artist and why she did it.
  • Why it’s important to create a circle of support when you’re creating a business.
  • The importance of a supportive spouse.
  • How she faced negative opinions at the start of her business and what she does about it.
  • Her wolf tattoo and what it means.
  • The importance of taking a risk and embracing the probability of failure. 
  • Her advice for people just about to start a business.
  • The importance of doing informational interviews as research.
  • The tool she uses on a daily basis to keep her going.
  • The importance of writing 1, 5, and 10-year goals. 
  • The advice she would give to her 20-year-old self. 
  • What her Rebel Cause is.

Kim McMullen - 004

From Mom's Basement to a Successful Business: The Ups, Downs, and Flip-sides with Kim McMullen - 004

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Real Rebel Podcast - Kim McMullen.png


kim mcmullen

Kim is the Chief Creative Renegade and founder of Flipside a marketing and branding company with an edge. She's a natural born connector, brand strategist, and brand voice expert. She's a champion for doing good and living in alignment with her truth. A total ninja warrior for good. No jerks allowed. 

In this episode I have a very real and highly inspiring chat with Kim McMullen, Chief Creative Renegade at Flipside Creative. 

Right away I felt like I was talking with an old friend. Kim is incredibly honest and open about her journey as an entrepreneur. She let’s us in on the ups, downs, and flip-sides of her path to eventually becoming the founder of a business that is in total alignment with her truth. 

Listen in to hear all about how she went from living in her mother’s basement at 27-years old to running a successful business that still allows her the time to climb mountains and play in the fresh BC air. #winningatlife #sorryicantimhikingamountain

Going the traditional route is definitely not the compass with which she moves about her business and life. I hope you enjoy this lively, inspirational, and highly informative chat with a genuine rebel.


  • What “Chief Creative Renegade” means and why it’s her title.
  • How she started her entrepreneurial journey with just a laptop off eBay.
  • Why she quit her successful career to build her own company.
  • What they nay sayers said and what she did about it.
  • What it felt like to quit her job and move into her Mom’s basement at 27.
  • How this “step back” was actually a giant leap forward.
  • How long it took for her to feel like things were back on track yet.
  • The nature of entrepreneurship.
  • How she had a side-hustle as a waitress while she built her now successful business.
  • About how she dealt with the feeling of wanting to give up and quit.
  • The role self-doubt plays when you’re going after your dreams.
  • Her “community of assholes” on her shoulder and how she deals with them.
  • The importance of listening to your gut and your heart.
  • Dealing with the inevitable failure and heartbreak of entrepreneurship.
  • How just going for it and trying to achieve something is winning already. 
  • What being “ballsy” means to Kim.
  • The importance of trusting in your strengths and standing up for them and the lessons that led her to this place of understanding. 
  • How a no more often than not lead to a yes.
  • How the great things never come easy and you have to earn your wins.
  • The defining moment in her company when everything went wrong and she almost lost it.
    • What happened
    • What she did about it
  • The importance of digging deep and continuing to climb when things get difficult. 
  • How she manages keeping both her relationships and business healthy.
  • The benefit of taking time off and stepping back from everything.
  • The unhealthiness of hustling to hard and the importance of proper health and wellness care. 
  • How important it is to play. 
  • Brand voice - what it is and how to find it.
  • Advice for solopreneurs on brand voice - what to do when you’re just starting out. 
  • How to connect and grow your network (especially when you’re an introvert).
  • The freedom and benefit of detaching from the outcome. 
  • Kim’s advice to her 20 year-old-self.
  • What Kim’s Rebel Cause is. 






Alex Mazerolle - 003

Starting a Business, Yoga, Body Image, Dark Nights, and Persistence with Alex Mazerolle - 003

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Real Rebel Podcast - Ally Maz.png



Alex is a yoga and meditation teacher and the founder of Girlvana Yoga, Ladyvana Retreats, and Distrikt Movement. She's an incredibly down to earth person and lives her life from the heart. She is currently in the process of writing her first book and was an absolute joy to talk with!

In this episode, I talk with Alex Mazerolle, a total rebel with a heart of gold on a mission to help girls and women through the power of yoga, meditation, and positive mentorship. 

She shares with us her journey of going from a competitive dancer with dreams of back-up dancing for the best in the industry, to becoming a yoga and meditation teacher with multiple businesses and a book on the way. 

We talk about everything from eating disorders and depression to marriage and children, to time management, and business strategy. 

This is a MUST listen episode. I was taken back by how welcoming, non-judgemental, and down to earth Alex (or Ally) was and cannot wait to have her on again!


  • Ally’s story of being a competitive dancer as a teen.
  • Her experience going from Vancouver to LA to chase after her dream of being a backup dancer.
  • Why she ended up having an eating disorder and how it affected her health.
  • Identity and what happens when the one thing you identify with no longer excites you.
  • How she found yoga and how it changed her perspective.
  • Why being on a raw vegan diet negatively affected her health.
  • About her “dark night" of the soul and how it was the spark that started Girlvana Yoga.
  • How her Girlvana grew from humble beginnings to the thriving business with soul it is today.
  • Just how negatively the perceived perfection on social media is impacting young girls today.
  • How Ladyvana retreats came about and why women in the 30’s are still dealing with the same issues that teenage girls deal with.
  • Ally’s thoughts on marriage and children and where she is with it right now.
  • How she started and grew her businesses while still being able to pay the bills.
  • Why the “do what you love” perspective is a very privileged one.
  • How Distrikt went from an idea to w full blown thriving fitness location.
  • How she manages her busy life while having multiple businesses on the go.
  • What things look like now for her in her businesses and life.
  • How she managed to land a book deal with Penguin Random House.
  • How she’s approaching writing her book.
  • Her advice to her 20-year-old self.
  • What her rebel cause is.

Cara Halber - 002

Body Image, "Growing Days", Money, Relationships, and Afternoon Drinks with Cara Halber - 002

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Real Rebel Podcast - Cara Halber.png



Cara Halber is a dark chocolate loving Vancouverite who also happens to be a health and wellness expert. She has worked with hundreds of women to help them reach their health goals. To do this she focuses on realistic and quick to implement approaches that actually last. Aside from her accolades, she is an incredibly warm, fun, and down-to-earth lady with a LOT of wisdom to share.

On this episode, I talk with Cara Halber, Health Coach, and overall life ninja.  We get into all sorts of amazing topics like what type of coffee is healthiest, body image, her favorite business tools, money mindset, and much more!

Cara has definitely had quite the healthy journey. She went from being diagnosed as allergic to food (yes you read that right), to starting her own business as a very well known Health Coach. What I love about Cara is her willingness to go “there” and get real about her experiences. 

Also be sure to check out the Resources and Mentions section below because Cara was dropping resource bombs left right and centre in this episode. And they are all PURE GOLD.


  • The importance not labeling what you do too strictly.
  • What Cara eats at the start of her day.
  • Single Origin Coffee - What it is and why it’s better for you.
  • Her experience being diagnosed as “allergic to food” and how she dealt with it. 
  • The difference between an abstainer and a moderator. 
  • Why she’s grateful for losing her health.
  • How to make your affirmations more powerful.
  • The tool she uses most to move forward.
  • Her journey with body image and where she is now with it.
  • Her “Growing Day” - how she was feeling out of sorts and what she did to grow through it.
  • What her favorite business tools are.
  • The importance of asking yourself the hard questions and imagining the worst case scenario.
  • How she prioritizes money and the importance of being open to talking about it.
  • Hustling - how it burnt her out and what she does now.
  • The importance of the macro view.
  • What it was like in when she started her business and where she’s at now.
  • What mistake she made in the beginning of her business.
  • How she eventually was able to work at her business full-time.
  • How she attracted her client base.
  • A business partnership gone wrong.
  • What happened when she hired a business coach.
  • Her advice for those who are just starting a business or thinking about it.
  • When it’s time to hire a coach.
  • Her thoughts on finances and how she sets up her banking to set herself up for success.
  • The importance of “money mindset”, her favorite books on money, and how she keeps things simple.
  • The importance of indulging a little bit here and there. 
  • Money and its relationship to the way we eat.
  • Her tip on how to pay off debts.
  • Cara’s tips on balancing your romantic relationship and your career.
  • Her thoughts on becoming a Mom.
  • Cara’s advice to her 20 year old self.
  • Cara’s Rebel Cause.

Kiley Redhead - 001

Clarity, Purpose, and Living an Inspired Life with Kiley Redhead - 001

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Real Rebel Podcast - Kiley Redhead.png



Kiley has created her fair share of successful businesses and knows what it feels like to be living out of alignment with your truth. Through her Vision Program she has helped countless people who are frustrated with their work become crystal clear on who they are and what they're meant to be doing. 

WELCOME! This is the first ever episode of The Real Rebel Podcast! I’m beyond stoked to share this with you. 

I chose Kiley Redhead as my first guest because not only has she played a key role in the actualization of the Real Rebel Podcast, but she’s also one of the strongest, most in tune, and powerful women I have ever met. A true rebel in every sense of the word. 

In this episode we talk all about living an inspired life, what that looks like, how to do it, what you might come up against along the way, and how to relax into the unfolding of the journey.


  • Purpose, vision, and mission and what they are.
  • How Kiley found her purpose and how to find yours.
  • What an inspired life is and what it feels like.
  • Inspiration and it’s relationship with fear and where that fear comes from 
  • How our wounds cause us to ultimately feel lost and unclear.
  • Why Kiley went from owning and running a successful graphic design business to letting it all go and following her inspiration.
  • Meltdowns - how they’re actually a good thing.
  • The key to realizing the answer to what you’re meant to be doing with your life - The question you need to ask yourself.
  • How to release the negative stories we tell ourselves.
  • How to relax into the unfolding of your journey and why it’s important.
  • Kiley’s experience with “dark” moments in her life and why they happen and how she gets out of them.
  • Why you may be experiencing darkness or depression.
  • Acting out of fear vs acting out of inspiration - how to make sure your decisions are coming from the right place.
  • Kiley’s experience with fear when she first started her business and why it happens and how to deal with it.
  • The importance of being detached from your results.
  • Kiley’s thoughts on imposter syndrome.
  • The importance of making use of your strengths and gifts and the difference between a skill and a strength.
  • The reason why you may not be feeling confident.
  • Why some people react negatively when you decide to go after your dreams.
  • Why being bold is important and why you should embrace it.
  • Kiley’s advice to her 20 year old self.
  • What Kiley’s Rebel Cause is.