Roderick Campbell & Sylvia Tennant 027

Rod Campbell and Sylvia Tennant: The Man Behind the Brand (RRP's FIRST EVER MAN) - 027

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Roderick Campbell & Sylvia Tennant

Rod Campbell is the "man behind the brand" for Sylvia Tennant's Jewelry line Zaleska. If I had to describe Rod to you I would say he is steady, honest, and wise, with a dash of playful-wild-craziness that comes out at just the right moment. Not only is he all this, but he is an incredibly taltented rapper. Yep. I've heard him. He's damn good. 

This episode is a FIRST EVER of it's kind. I have on a MAN. Yes. A man. Not just any man. The man behind the Zaleska brand... Roderick Charles Campbell The First (his words). 

I LOVED this episode with Sylvia and Rod and am inspired to do more couple episodes because of it. The setting was their room in Ubud, Bali and the rain was pouring down. Sylvia and I were a bottle deep in wine, and the conversation flowed. You'll have to listen in to get all the deep and hilarious detail.


  • "The man behind the brand".

  • When Rod became a part of the Zaleska brand.

  • How he slowly and naturally became a part of the brand.

  • Sylvia being impressed with the way he set up the tables for the shows.

  • Why setting up the tables is no small thing.

  • Rod as the email/social media wizard behind the curtain and his understanding of Sylvia's voice.

  • Why it hasn't been hard for Rod to support Sylvia in this business endeavor.

  • Why he's a badass for doing what he does and his belief in that.

  • The respect he has for Sylvia.

  • How other people's opinions and judgments about how people see him at times worry Rod.

  • How if the tables were turned it would be the same for Sylvia.

  • The opinions of others and how they'll always be there so you might as well do your thing.

  • Sylvia's mother's concern at the beginning of the business and how now they're one of her biggest support systems.

  • How Rod gets his drive and entrepreneurial spirit from his entrepreneurial parents.

  • Why you have to show the people you love what you do is important to you.

  • The importance of doing it for you and not worrying about what people think.

  • How success is a culmination of a bunch of tiny baby steps.

  • Sylvia's inspiration from the Egyptian style and culture.

  • The balance of the masculine and feminine in everyone.

  • How Sylvia and Rod separate their business and personal life.

  • The issues that sometimes arise as a couple in business together.

  • Why Rod thinks that talking about business should be fun and how he wants to incorporate the business into their lives in a fun way.

  • Why now is the time to perfect their communication in relation to where the business is.

  • Just in time learning.

  • "How flow can you go" - the mantra Sylvia reminds herself of.

  • Sylvia's 3 favorite things about Rod.

  • Rod's 3 favorite things about Sylvia.

  • How important communication is.

  • Why they are redoing Valentine's day and Dengue fever.

  • Katie's gross fever she had in Bali - but that's for another time.

  • Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. If you could be frozen at any age what would it be and why?

  2. If you could invite any 5 people (dead or alive) to a dinner party who would you invite?

  3. What book are you reading right now?

  4. What advice Sylvia would give her 20-year-old self.

  5. What is her Rebel Cause?