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Chloe Elgar: Using Psychic Gifts - 028

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Chloe Elgar

Chloe is an Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Holistic Nutritionist, Author & Speaker and the founder of Chloe‘s Countertop, a platform to support women and men around the world who are ready to step into their light and connect to their higher selves. Her universal mission is to change our relationship to pain and discomfort- and to create space for vulnerability, connection and truth.

On this episode, I talk with Chloe Elgar. I had been wanting to have her on for a while and even more so after she did a psychic reading for me just days after a break-up. Which we talk a little bit about on this episode. 

We also get into the book she's writing, her family's 500-acre ranch, her connection and communication with her ancestors, the power of horses, and much much more. Check out the show notes below get the full details. 


  • Processing life and how it's not easy to talk about it while it's going on.
  • Chloe's family 500-acre ranch in Alberta.
  • The cool "old" western town the ranch is in.
  • What Bali and the ranch have in common.
  • The importance of disconnecting and processing.
  • Her trip to Greece on a writing course with Cheryl Strayed and the reason why it left her feeling like she couldn't write her book.
  • How she spent 2 weeks at the ranch to finally write her book and what it brought up for her.
  • Chloe's sensitivity and her experience as a highly sensitive child.
  • How she became extremely overwhelmed by all of the energy.
  • The "party" that her ancestors were having while she was writing her book on the ranch.
  • The fear from her inner-child that came up.
  • Why she had to tell her ancestors to "tone it down".
  • The belief that you're a child and you don't have a say, and how it's important to switch this narrative.
  • What Chloe experiences while doing her readings.
  • Why she doesn't like to know the person before she does a reading.
  • What the clair senses are and the two she uses during her readings.
  • Why it's most important that her clients feel safe, supported, and loved. 
  • How she grew up in Malaysia and what that experience was like for her.
  • What are her daily practices and why they're important.
  • Why the biggest practice is allowing herself to be human.
  • Meditation: why she wasn't doing it at the ranch, and the different forms it takes.
  • The importance of meeting herself where she's at that specific day.
  • Why it's essential she give herself 2 days before or after traveling to get back to herself.
  • Why your body needs time to readjust while traveling and why it's actually a big deal to travel.
  • Horses - Chloe's experience with a horse that no one wanted to ride and how he eventually became her first horse.
  • How horses have the ability to know when something enters their space. 
  • The concept of horse therapy - how they're mirrors.
  • The stories we tell ourselves - how our thoughts create our beliefs which create our reality.
  • What you need to do to make the changes - recognizing patterns and what you really want.
  • The important question you need to ask yourself: If you woke up today and everything you had was gone, would you be happy?
  • The importance of getting to the core of what you really want.
  • Why you need to believe that you're good enough for the things you desire in order for the obstacles to disappear.
  • Rapid Fire Questions:
  1. If you could be frozen at any age what would it be and why?
  2. If you could invite any 5 people (dead or alive) to a dinner party who would you invite?
  3. What book are you reading right now?
  4. What advice Chloe would give her 20-year-old self.
  5. What is her Rebel Cause?