My (not so) epic story. 

This is where I am supposed to wow you with some grand story that will make you want either be me or hunt me down and marry me. 

I hate to disappoint, but I'm pretty sure the only one who would classify my story as epic is my Mom. 


I haven't had a near death experience where I saw the light. I have all of my limbs, a pretty decent amount of hair on my head, a loving family (that sometimes drives me bonkers), and nails that always seem to have a little dirt under them. I often eat fruit without washing it. My vehicle is 26 years old and slowly falling apart (I love it to pieces. Literally). And despite my best efforts I can never get my make-up to look anywhere close to what I see online. 

By all counts, on paper, I'm pretty average. 

Sexy right? 

No. It's not sexy. It's not thrilling. It's real

What I'm trying to get across here, is that you don't have to have some epic origin story and perfectly-quaffed hair to achieve greatness in your life. You just have to have a desire, a belief, and the balls to rebel against a system, an environment, and the people who want you to stay in the realm of safe (and dull as all hell) mediocrity. 

So what is my story?

All you really need to know is that I'm a girl who who believes that there's more to life than the 9 - 5 grind. Who wants to see people being their badass-self and living life to the fullest expression of who they are, and not apologizing for it. I want people to remember who they were when they were kids and anything was possible. Before we were told to stop dreaming such crazy dreams we were all basically little half-pint rebels, running around with more belief in our dirty-little-pinky finger than most adults have in their entire body. 

I want you to connect to that part of yourself again.

As for the rest of my story, you can slowly learn about it as you read, listen, and get to know me more. Because let's get real real, folks don't usually read these "about" pages in their entirety. But if you've come this far and you're a little curious here are some bullet points. Because who doesn't love a good bullet point list? I know I do.

The List of bullets

  • I love bullet point lists.

  • I'm the 2nd child in a family of 4 kids.

  • I love driving my Jeep.

  • I lived in Bali for 6 months

  • I love riding motorcycles and scooters - basically I LOVE forward movement that is also sometimes fast.

  • I love health food but also love chips and chocolate.

  • I am a highly intuitive/sensitive person. I can read your energy.

  • I would love nothing more than to dance all day.

  • I can bake like a motherf*cker, but I don’t because I don’t make the time for that since I’m making this podcast for you.

  • I secretly wish I was a cool surfer chick. Alas I am afraid of getting water up my nose. It hurts so bad.

  • My hair is red and wirey AF.

  • I love Kombucha way too much. Also wine. I love wine.

  • I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist by trade. I don’t practice because I hate cooking. But I can tell you why you might have that rash.

  • I studied Fashion Marketing. That world is too intense for me.

  • I'm a shit speler.

  • I love to walk in the woods. I could walk for hours and hours. And then more hours.

  • I love my family so much it often brings me to tears when I have to leave them. I'm pretty sure they think I'm super weird.

  • I used to think I was from another planet. The verdict is still out on this.

  • I used to want to be white female rapper. Verdict also still out on this.


In the words of Miranda Presley. That's all. 

Love you long time,