The Green Beauty Collective 048


On Our Relationship to Beauty

The Green Beauty Collective



On this episode, I talk with Amanda and Jac founders of The Green Beauty Collective and just two wonderful ladies in general. I spoke with Amana and Jac on a previous episode which is linked below and was absolutely thrilled that they wanted to come on again. They bring such a good and honest energy to the conversation anytime we get together.

This time we talked about a few different things, including (and of course) makeup and how the world of natural beauty products has shifted since they started, each of our relationships to beauty, the insecurities that pop up for all of us, the elitism that is present in the world of green beauty business, what they’ve learned in business this past year, and much more.

And of course, as it is with there YouTube videos, this episode was full of lots of giggles and funny moments. If you need something both light and thoughtful for your day, you’ll enjoy listening to this one.


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