The Green Beauty Collective 013

Aging Gracefully, The Best Natural Beauty Products to Use, and The Hard Parts When Starting a Business with The Green Beauty Collective's Amanda and Jac - 013

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Amanda & Jac - Green Beauty Collective

Amanda Gangoso and Jac Parker and two incredibly well-intentioned women who radiate beauty from the inside-out. Together they've founded The Green Beauty Collective and haven't looked back since. Having personally experienced a little session with each of them I can truly attest to their knowledge, natural talent, and pureness of heart. I LOVE these ladies!

In this episode, I chat with Amanda and Jac who've founded an AMAZING company called The Green Beauty Collective with a mission "for women to feel reconnected to themselves and their environment through natural beauty." They want to make natural beauty more accessible and easy for people and they're doing a freaking great job if you ask me. 

Not only do we get into their entrepreneurial journey's but also dive deep into natural and healthy beauty. These two women are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to taking care of your body and skin from the inside out and looking fab in the process. Listen all the way to the end to hear what 3 items each would take with them if stranded on a desert island.


  • Jac's entrepreneurial journey of working for herself in the makeup industry to going more natural and starting her own natural cosmetics business and eventually Green Beauty Collective.

  • What the EWG is and why you should be using it.

  • Amanda's entrepreneurial journey of starting off in a traditional makeup setting with no clients to becoming a successful freelancer with people constantly reaching out to her.

  • Amanda's decision to attend Holistic Nutrition training and the mentality she entered with thanks to her past experience freelancing.

  • How Amanda and Jac met at an event and "just clicked" which eventually lead to working together and ultimately the creation of Green Beauty Collective.

  • Amanda and Jac's approach to putting makeup on to enhance someone's natural beauty and not cover it up.

  • Jac's realization that she was losing money by not carrying the products she was recommending.

  • The possibility of Jac and Amanda starting their own line of natural cosmetics. Wait and see!

  • The roadblocks that Jac and Amanda experienced when they first started The Green Beauty Collective.

  • How they're deciding between growing their online presence or continuing to put their efforts into an in-person presence. The pros and cons of each.

  • The sample program they offer to help people find the right type/shade makeup online without risking purchasing something that doesn't match or work with the individual's skin.

  • The big lessons each was faced with personally when starting The Green Beauty Collective.

  • The fear of not being good enough and how it's something many women deal with.

  • The importance of detaching from the opinions of others.

  • The importance of being confident that someone will benefit from what you have to offer.

  • Dealing with the "live" aspects of social media.

  • How it's important to show the real/human side of yourself.

  • Amanda and Jac's thoughts and advice on aging gracefully.

  • Product suggestions to help yourself age gracefully.

  • The order your skincare routine should go and the benefits of each item.

  • Why you shouldn't just use an oil on your skin and the importance of pairing it with something else if you do.

  • The importance of being aware of the ingredients in your skincare products - how it's like food for your skin and body.

  • Why they ask their clients about their diets and stress levels first.

  • How the birth control pill affected Jac's skin and how it took her a year to sort it out naturally.

  • How to deal with dark circles and puffiness under the eyes and how adrenal fatigue and food sensitivities could be the culprits.

  • How drinking more water, getting more sleep, and eating foods rich in iron can help.

  • What products to use to conceal dark circles.

  • What advice each of them would give their 20-year-old self.

  • Amanda's Rebel Cause.

  • Jac's Rebel Cause.