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On How Energy Speaks to Us

Lee Harris



On this episode, I talk with Lee Harris Intuitive Guide, Musician, Artist, Channel to the Z’s, Space Holder, and all around wonderful human being.

I started following Lee’s work when my mentor introduced me to his energy readings when I very much in a dark night of the soul. Lee’s guidance and intuitive insight was a major source of support during a difficult time, and I know many would echo this sentiment.

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting and chatting with Lee. We dove into many of the topics he touches on in his new book Energy Speaks (which I am a huge advocate for) including his childhood and earlier years, channeling the Z’s, abundance and receiving, women and their rise, the current nature of the masculine and feminine energies, self-expression, letting go, fully stepping into our power, and much much more.

Lee is a wealth of information and wisdom and doing work in the world from a space of pure intention. I highly recommend checking out his work or at the very least tuning into his monthly energy updates as a place to start.

I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did recording it!


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Website: www.leeharrisenergy.com

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