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On Uncovering Pride and Acceptance

Samy Nour Younes



On this episode, I talk with Samy Nour Younes an incredible Trans Activist who recently did an incredible TedTalk called “A Short History of Trans People’s Long Fight for Equality”. At the date of this podcast episode release his talk currently stands at over 1.2 million views.

It was an absolute pleasure to talk with Sam for many reasons. One being that he is incredibly knowledgable and wise especially when it comes to the history and current experience of trans people. My eyes were opened more than once as Sam took me through his personal experience as well as the experience of other groups within the trans community.

Sam is definitely a force for good on this earth and with his strong voice and pureness of heart and intention. once cannot even begin to estimate the full impact of his decision to speak his truth, and speak for those who have yet to find the fullness in their own voice.

I hope you enjoy this heartfelt, educational, and incredibly inspirational episode as much as I did recording it.

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