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Solo Show: The Art of Allowing, Inviting Ease, Woo Woo Bullshit, The Power of Belief, and a TON of Resources with your Host Katie B - 025

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Your Host - Katie B

Hi, it's your host Katie B and apparently, I LOVE talking to myself! Who knew?! I did... I knew it. I've been interviewing people for over 24 episodes now so I thought it was time I did a solo show! A little about me?  I'm your host and the founder of Rebel Media. I'm currently residing in Bali Indonesia and essentially getting my shit together/healing/facing my biggest fears... NBD. I've got a lot of amazing things coming up so stay tuned! Also, I love toast. 

On this episode, I talk with MYSELF! This is the first ever solo show where I have a grand old time chatting with you! I LOVED doing this episode because it felt like I was having an intimate conversation with you. It also was highly therapeutic and also super fun because... surprise! I love talking. 

I give a lot of useful resources so be sure to check out the show notes below and peruse the links. Also if you enjoyed this episode LET ME KNOW by commenting below or emailing me by clicking the contact button at the top of the page. 


  • Updates on the podcast.

  • The latest episode with Jenna Herbut - episode 024.

  • The benefit of walking and talking to yourself.

  • Abraham Hicks and the art of allowing.

  • The going downstream analogy from Abraham Hicks.

  • The idea of inviting more ease into your life.

  • How to change the direction of your thoughts to better feeling ones in order to upgrade your vibration and invite better things into your life.

  • My grumpy morning thoughts and what I'm doing about it.

  • How to improve your blogging, speaking, and audience building - Talking to a "room full of yous".

  • Vision boarding - the bullshit of it and the power of it.

  • How I manifested my exact situation right now of living in Bali and building my business.

  • How I use/create a "digital vision board" that takes half the time of creating a physical one.

  • The power of belief and how it can help you manifest more.

  • How we create our thoughts become our beliefs which eventually become our reality.

  • Segment: Something Worthy of Your Fucks

  • Matcha Tea - the benefits and why you might be better off drinking it.

  • CAKE! Amazing cake from Dayu's Warung

  • The importance of listening to your own body - my experience of not listening to my body

  • The benefit of not watching TV in the evenings.

  • Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. If you could be frozen at any age what would it be?

  2. If you could invite any 5 people (dead or alive) to a dinner party who would you invite?

  3. What book are you reading right now?

  4. What advice would I give my 20-year-old self?

  5. What is her Rebel Cause?