Danielle Wiebe 023

Connection, Expansion, Intention and Intuition, and Elementary School Sticker Side-Hustles with Danielle Wiebe - 023

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Danielle Wiebe

Mrs. Danielle Wiebe with her brilliant smile and sunny disposition is exactly the kind of person you would expect to be a connector. She is the founder of Business Babes Collective which aims to connect women in business with each other, creating mutually beneficial relationships. She aims to take out the "solo" aspect of working online and is doing it in an ever expanding way.

On this episode, I talk with the founder of Business Babes Collective, Danielle Wiebe. We have a nice "Sunday morning with a cup of coffee" kind of chat.

We talk about things like productivity, working solo, hiring people, taking on too much at once, growth, focusing on value over profit, elementary school side-hustles, garage sales, and some very interesting (if I do say so myself) rapid-fire questions at the end. Which might have just been my favorite part!


  • What Dani has been up to so far this year.

  • The pressure we put on ourselves to perform in the new year.

  • Distractions when working from home alone.

  • How Dani helps herself to focus while working from home.

  • The Darren Hardy productivity course.

  • How it takes 20 mins to get back into flow state once you lose focus.

  • The list you should be keeping beside you while you work.

  • How the Business Babes Collective started on Instagram.

  • What the BBC is and it's current state of growth/expansion.

  • Her recent decision to hire 2 part-time employees for the first time.

  • The emotions/self-doubt that came up when she decided to make the hire.

  • How having people helping her has allowed her to focus on the big picture.

  • Her reason for wanting to slow down the growth of BBC.

  • The reality of how long starting a business takes.

  • How working with a team has been very rewarding for Dani since she's spent most of her business working alone.

  • The difficulties that can come up when you're working alone.

  • Why the focus is on building a solid community and not profit at the moment.

  • The importance of providing value first.

  • Some of the unexpected trials when opening the Seattle chapter and why it was ultimately a good thing.

  • Why Dani's focus is on easy and deep mutually beneficial connections.

  • Where Dani's desire to connect people came from.

  • How Dani was entrepreneurial as a child and what she used to create as a child.

  • Her elementary sticker side-hustle/garage sale obsession as a kid.

  • Katie's driveway friendship bracelet side-hustle.

  • How her vision for BBC has changed from her original one.

  • How she started BBC with no serious business plan.

  • The power of intention and listening to our intuition.

  • Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. If you could be frozen at any age what would it be?

  2. If you could invite any 5 people (dead or alive) to a dinner party who would you invite?

  3. What book are you reading right now?

  4. What advice Danielle would give her 20-year-old self.

  5. What is her Rebel Cause?