Gina Best 022

Grief, Breast Cancer, The Cost of Ignoring Emotions, Embracing Our Bodies, and F*ck Fine with Gina Best - 022

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Gina Best

What can I say about Gina... I think in order to get the true essence of her, you just need to listen to this episode. Gina is not only a life and business coach but also the founder of a multi-million dollar business. She is a mother, a breast cancer survivor, and someone who is living life to the fullest. Even if that means crying at Costco from time to time. You will love getting to know this woman. 

On this episode, I talk with the powerhouse that is Gina Best. We get into topics like grief, how she dealt with breast cancer, the importance of feeling your emotions, letting go, getting friendly with uncertainty, and much much more. 

There are many moments in this episode that sent shivers up my spine. While re-listening to it I both laughed and cried. If you're looking for a therapeutic podcast episode that is sure to put a smile on your face, you've come to the right place. Oh yea, and fuck fine. ;)


  • What the "March doldrums are".

  • The effects of the powerful moon situation we recently had.

  • How mercury in retrograde affected her friend and kids.

  • How she's working on embracing her body this year.

  • The "no-mans-land" of Christmas this year.

  • How she started a multi-million dollar company.

  • BNI - what it is and how it helped her.

  • About her brother's death and how she handled it.

  • How she overcame the avoiding her emotions.

  • Why she decided that being a coach was the right path for her.

  • The breast cancer diagnosis she received and how she handled it.

  • Where she is today with her diagnosis.

  • Her expectations with her fillable implant.

  • Her big goal to embrace her body this year.

  • Her theory around not causing her cancer, but allowing it.

  • The cost of ignoring our feelings and the realizations she's had around that.

  • How she wouldn't change anything that has happened.

  • The importance of knowing you're not alone.

  • How Gina "walks with grief". How she deals with it.

  • Her advice for people dealing with grief and why it's not uncommon to see her cry at Costco.

  • The things you can do to prep yourself for grieving.

  • The importance of movement to improve your psychology.

  • How journalling and talking play a key role in moving forward.

  • How being a lifter helped her get out of her head and into her body.

  • The importance of just letting go and embracing uncertainty.

  • The importance of asking the right questions.

  • Where her "fuck fine" slogan comes from.

  • What Gina knows for sure.

  • Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. What is the book you're reading now?

  2. If you could be stuck at any age what would it be?

  3. If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

  4. What advice Megan would give her 20-year-old self.

  5. What is her Rebel Cause?