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From Mom's Basement to a Successful Business: The Ups, Downs, and Flip-sides with Kim McMullen - 004

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kim mcmullen

Kim is the Chief Creative Renegade and founder of Flipside a marketing and branding company with an edge. She's a natural born connector, brand strategist, and brand voice expert. She's a champion for doing good and living in alignment with her truth. A total ninja warrior for good. No jerks allowed. 

In this episode I have a very real and highly inspiring chat with Kim McMullen, Chief Creative Renegade at Flipside Creative. 

Right away I felt like I was talking with an old friend. Kim is incredibly honest and open about her journey as an entrepreneur. She let’s us in on the ups, downs, and flip-sides of her path to eventually becoming the founder of a business that is in total alignment with her truth. 

Listen in to hear all about how she went from living in her mother’s basement at 27-years old to running a successful business that still allows her the time to climb mountains and play in the fresh BC air. #winningatlife #sorryicantimhikingamountain

Going the traditional route is definitely not the compass with which she moves about her business and life. I hope you enjoy this lively, inspirational, and highly informative chat with a genuine rebel.


  • What “Chief Creative Renegade” means and why it’s her title.

  • How she started her entrepreneurial journey with just a laptop off eBay.

  • Why she quit her successful career to build her own company.

  • What they nay sayers said and what she did about it.

  • What it felt like to quit her job and move into her Mom’s basement at 27.

  • How this “step back” was actually a giant leap forward.

  • How long it took for her to feel like things were back on track yet.

  • The nature of entrepreneurship.

  • How she had a side-hustle as a waitress while she built her now successful business.

  • About how she dealt with the feeling of wanting to give up and quit.

  • The role self-doubt plays when you’re going after your dreams.

  • Her “community of assholes” on her shoulder and how she deals with them.

  • The importance of listening to your gut and your heart.

  • Dealing with the inevitable failure and heartbreak of entrepreneurship.

  • How just going for it and trying to achieve something is winning already.

  • What being “ballsy” means to Kim.

  • The importance of trusting in your strengths and standing up for them and the lessons that led her to this place of understanding.

  • How a no more often than not lead to a yes.

  • How the great things never come easy and you have to earn your wins.

  • The defining moment in her company when everything went wrong and she almost lost it.

    • What happened

    • What she did about it

  • The importance of digging deep and continuing to climb when things get difficult.

  • How she manages keeping both her relationships and business healthy.

  • The benefit of taking time off and stepping back from everything.

  • The unhealthiness of hustling to hard and the importance of proper health and wellness care.

  • How important it is to play.

  • Brand voice - what it is and how to find it.

  • Advice for solopreneurs on brand voice - what to do when you’re just starting out.

  • How to connect and grow your network (especially when you’re an introvert).

  • The freedom and benefit of detaching from the outcome.

  • Kim’s advice to her 20 year-old-self.

  • What Kim’s Rebel Cause is.