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Clarity, Purpose, and Living an Inspired Life with Kiley Redhead - 001

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Kiley has created her fair share of successful businesses and knows what it feels like to be living out of alignment with your truth. Through her Vision Program she has helped countless people who are frustrated with their work become crystal clear on who they are and what they're meant to be doing. 

WELCOME! This is the first ever episode of The Real Rebel Podcast! I’m beyond stoked to share this with you. 

I chose Kiley Redhead as my first guest because not only has she played a key role in the actualization of the Real Rebel Podcast, but she’s also one of the strongest, most in tune, and powerful women I have ever met. A true rebel in every sense of the word. 

In this episode we talk all about living an inspired life, what that looks like, how to do it, what you might come up against along the way, and how to relax into the unfolding of the journey.


  • Purpose, vision, and mission and what they are.

  • How Kiley found her purpose and how to find yours.

  • What an inspired life is and what it feels like.

  • Inspiration and it’s relationship with fear and where that fear comes from

  • How our wounds cause us to ultimately feel lost and unclear.

  • Why Kiley went from owning and running a successful graphic design business to letting it all go and following her inspiration.

  • Meltdowns - how they’re actually a good thing.

  • The key to realizing the answer to what you’re meant to be doing with your life - The question you need to ask yourself.

  • How to release the negative stories we tell ourselves.

  • How to relax into the unfolding of your journey and why it’s important.

  • Kiley’s experience with “dark” moments in her life and why they happen and how she gets out of them.

  • Why you may be experiencing darkness or depression.

  • Acting out of fear vs acting out of inspiration - how to make sure your decisions are coming from the right place.

  • Kiley’s experience with fear when she first started her business and why it happens and how to deal with it.

  • The importance of being detached from your results.

  • Kiley’s thoughts on imposter syndrome.

  • The importance of making use of your strengths and gifts and the difference between a skill and a strength.

  • The reason why you may not be feeling confident.

  • Why some people react negatively when you decide to go after your dreams.

  • Why being bold is important and why you should embrace it.

  • Kiley’s advice to her 20 year old self.

  • What Kiley’s Rebel Cause is.