Megan Elizabeth 021

Life as an Artist, Money, Saying Yes, Being Scrappy, Setting the Example, and General Shenanigans with Megan Elizabeth - 021

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Megan Elizabeth

Megan is a full-time artist living in New York with her husband and daughter. She is an incredibly powerful, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth woman. And a total badass to boot. Megan talks all the real talk. She's built her business from the ground up had has the wisdom to show for it. I WILL be having this rebel on again!

On this episode, I talk with Megan Elizabeth, the artist behind "Art by Megan". We settle right in to some real talk when it comes to things like what it's really like your first couple years in business, money and women's perceived roles with it, how she deals with doubts and fears, her "I'm done" moments, how she balances family and business, why she thinks that even asking women about balancing family and business is bullshit... and much much more. 

I absolutely loved talking with Megan and I know you will enjoy the conversation just as much I did! I dare you not to smile ;) 


  • Megan's thoughts on what happens in the first year of business.

  • How she couldn't afford to be a starving artist forcing her to work part-time on the side.

  • The "quit your day job" myth and why it's bullshit.

  • How self-worth is tied up in our work and achievements and the dangers of that.

  • Why your passions doesn't need to become your business.

  • Megan's struggle with money and the stigma she had around it for years and where it came from.

  • How she overcame her issues around money.

  • How the hardest times where life forces you to pivot can be the best times.

  • How the role of money affects relationships.

  • The shift that is taking place in the household.

  • Why Megan went from teaching to being a full-time artist and the messages she trying to send her daughter.

  • Her "I'm done" moments that she had before her business started really making money.

  • The doubts and fears that came up when she first started her business.

  • The importance of persistence in business and life.

  • Why it's good for form friendships with people who are experiencing the same things.

  • The importance of just stopping when you need a break and reconnecting with yourself.

  • Why it's crucial to be gentle with yourself when you're in transition.

  • How to not get consumed with your work and why it's a good idea to just "step back".

  • The law of attraction and why putting out good will allow good to come back to you.

  • The importance of gratitude and why Megan is grateful for even the tough stuff.

  • Bullet Journalling: why it's amazing and why Megan uses it daily.

  • The curse of being creative and why she needs a place (bullet journal) to channel it all.

  • Where Megan finds her inspiration when it comes to her paintings.

  • Where Megan learned about business.

  • How being "scrappy" and "winging it" has helped her grow.

  • Quote by Tina Fey "Say yes and you'll figure it out afterward".

  • The upside and downside of being a "yes" person.

  • The importance of stretching yourself and testing your limits and how it's helped her.

  • Why it's good to let go of the things that didn't work out and move on.

  • How she balances being a Mom and running her business.

  • The moment where she felt she "blew it" as a Mom and how that shifted her mindset.

  • How she mixes in business and family life and the point of acceptance she's come to with it.

  • Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. What 3 things she would bring on a deserted island.

  2. The 5 guests (dead or alive) she would have at a dinner party.

  3. What is the most recent book you've read or are reading now?

  4. What are you top book recommendations?

  5. What advice Megan would give her 20-year-old self.

  6. What is her Rebel Cause?