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Solo Show - When Life Feels Slow and Spacey

Your Host Katie B



On this episode, I talk with myself! Things have been a little slow moving lately. I talk a LOT about the natural ebbs and flows of life and how they’re inevitable. I think we tend to give ourselves such a hard time when life slows down or we need to take a pause or a rest. But the fact remains that living life at full-speed all the time just isn’t sustainable.

So, I thought I would walk my talk and instead of pushing what naturally didn’t want to happen this week (a guest episode), I chose to release resistance, surrender to what was and just jam out on a solo episode.

I decided to use this episode as a chance to dive deep into the topic of being in an ebb. I riff on how we can find peace of mind during a time that can sometimes want to make us want to run and hide under the covers. Which, no judgment, I’m currently writing this very post while submerged under my giant duvet. #justbeingahuman

Essentially this is all in the spirit of going with the natural currents of life. Yes action is important, yes hard work is required, yes focus and drive are key players. But we are a part of nature and as such, we do better when we decide to dance with universal law instead of trying to ninja kick it to the ground so it can just get the eff out of our way (best of luck friend).

So here’s to not pushing. Especially when life is asking you to pause and not push. Here’s to taking a breath, zooming out, recalibrating, and not berating ourselves for not being perfect robots with calculator brains and literal buns of steel.

The f*cking end.

Your Host - Katie B (currently in her PJ’s appearing to not have her sh*t together)


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