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If You Need a Little Love

Your Host - Katie B



On this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, I basically just fawn over how awesome you are.

Sometimes when we’re in the thick of it and we feel alone, it helps to know that we’re loved. Plain and simple. People can sometimes have a hard time expressing love. Especially if they were raised in an environment where verbal expression of love wasn’t at the top of the agenda. So this is that. A bit of a remedy for the soul if you happen to find yourself fighting some big inner demons at the moment.

I also riff on doubt and volume at which it tends to rise to when we’re shifting our lives for the better. Or leveling up you might say. Our minds are a powerful thing and we have the ability to control where it focuses its power. We can either chose to believe the doubt, or turn down its volume and direct our attention towards a more loving outlook.

So yes, this gets a bit mushy. But truthfully I can’t help myself. I really do think you’re awesome. And I think you deserve to hear it. Verbally. With words. Outloud.

Ok. I’m done. :)

Your Host,

Katie B

Key Points

  • Riff on love and doubt

  • Card pull (x1)

  • Monday Mashup


Collective Card Pull - October 21, 2019



Intro: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe

Monday Mashup & Outro: Hold Me by Michael FK