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On New Energy

Kiley Redhead



On this episode, I talk with Kiley Redhead my mentor, guide, and go-to person when I can’t see through the fog. Kiley is an incredible human and through her coaching has helped many people find clarity and reconnect to their source of inspiration in order to find their inspired work.

In 2018, as it was true for many, Kiley went through a huge transformational shift that left her unable to get out of bed for weeks at a time. This massive period of integration left her with a deep understanding of the meaning “I exist”. She found herself in a whole new world like nothing she had experienced before. I believe through listening to Kiley and her insights she has reconnected with, you will find a great deal of ease and peace of mind. If I were to give this episode a catch phrase is would be that it’s all so much simpler than we allow it to be.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by this new energy or by the massive shifts taking place, I hope that this conversation gives you some reprieve and solidifies what you already know to be true deep down.

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