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On Living Wild and Eradicating Self-Loathing

Kimberley McMullen



On this episode, I talk with Kimberley McMullen and, as always, it is an absolute pleasure. Kim is an incredibly passionate and driven woman full of lots of light and love to give to this world. You can either find her working her arse off or somewhere in the woods most likely with her dog Fox.

We talk about a lot of really powerful topics in this episode including body image, self-love, the power of nature, hard work, how to say yes in a nourishing way, and MUCH more. I hope you enjoy listening to this much as I did recording it.

Key Points

  • Kim’s origin story

  • On not being supported body image struggles

  • Being in a toxic relationship and it’s relation to low self-worth

  • The moment of clarity and walking away (slow mo and in leather of course)

  • The transformative trip Kimberley took to the Yukon

  • Having the resolve to stay away from what doesn’t serve us

  • Finding herself in nature - coming home to true self

  • Girl in the Wild

  • What teenage girls are facing today and women are still dealing with now

  • Wearing a bikini, doing whatever the hell she wants, and ending the war with her body

  • On eradicating self doubt and body image in young girls

  • The importance of connections with other women

  • Working hard and sometimes taking on too much

  • How to say yes in a way that works for you

  • Choosing work base on how it feels, not based on money

  • How Girl In The Wild came to be

  • Why Girl In The Wild is totally worth the risk

  • On imperfection and showing the realness on social media

  • The importance for Kim of running in nature to connect back to herself

Rapid Fire

  1. What is usually for breakfast? Dinner?

  2. What is your favourite sound?

  3. What is your favourite smell?

  4. Where is your favourite place to be?

  5. If you had to choose between running or climbing which would you choose?

  6. What is a favourite part of your body?

  7. If you could be stuck at any age what would you choose?

  8. What is a book or books you’ve read that you think are worth sharing?

  9. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  10. What is your Rebel Cause?


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On the Road - Book by Jack Kerouac

Featuring a Guest Appearance from Fox the Dog



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