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On Addiction, Men, and Shadow Work

Ben Goresky



On this episode, I talk with Ben Goresky from Evolving Man and we dive really deep. Not only do we talk about his experience with drug addiction and going through rehab, but also get into the experiences and challenges of the 21st-century man. On top of that, we talk about shadow work, the masculine and feminine, relationships, and why brotherhood is so important. Ben also drops a TON of resources which I have linked to in the show notes for you to reference.

This is a very rich and insightful episode and one that I personally will be going back to in the future. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Key Points

  • Ben’s origin story

  • Ben’s relationship with his brother and the influence it’s had on his life

  • On feeling like a forgotten child and being diagnosed with ADD

  • On traumatic memories of being bullied in his own home

  • His introduction to drugs and filling the hole in his gut

  • The power of Ben connecting to his pain in rehab

  • Why most people relapse and come back to rehab and why it’s worse the second time around

  • How Ben used his experience to educate himself and become a counsellor

  • His work with second stage recovery and why it’s important

  • The process of shadow work

  • The initiation of men and the lack of it in our society today

  • Ben’s take on the current state of masculinity and femininity

  • The difference between the conscious and unconscious masculine

  • The Code of the Conscious Warrior and why men love to live by a code

  • The power and importance of brotherhood and men’s groups

  • How women can support men from a Ben’s perspective

  • Some excellent resources linked below

Rapid Fire

  1. What is your favourite place?

  2. What is your favourite sound?

  3. What is your favourite app currently?

  4. What is your ideal way to spend a Sunday?

  5. What is your favourite piece of clothing?

  6. What is a book or books you’ve read that you think are worth sharing?

  7. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  8. What is your Rebel Cause?


Instagram: @evolvingman


Facebook: Evolving Man

Podcast: The Evolving Man Podcast

AARC - Calgary rehab home

Rising Woman

The Boy Crisis - Book by Warren Farrell

Iron John - Book by Robert Bly

David Deida

The Code of the Conscious Warrior

The Samurai Brotherhood

Phil Teertha Mistlberger

The Way of the Conscious Warrior - Book by P.T. Mistlberger

Wild Wild Country - Osho

The Mankind Project - Men’s Group

Order of Man - Men’s Group

The Mask You Live In - Documentary on Men

The Work - Documentary on iTunes

Alison Armstrong

Duolingo - language learning app

The Waking Up App - by Sam Harris

RYU Clothing Brand

The Way of the Superior Man - Book by David Deida

No More Mr. Nice Guy - Book by Robert A. Glover

Stealing Fire - Book by Steven Kotler


Intro/Transition/Outro: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe