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On Shifting Our Energy - Audio Coffee 008

Your Host - Katie B



On this episode of the RRP Audio Coffee, we’re talking all about how our energy influences our experience. It’s so easy for us to get caught up in a repetitive cycle as we carry old energy into each new day. The truth is, we actually have the power to shift our experience without grinding our gears (aka without using matter to change matter). We do this by focusing on our inner world and what kind of energy we’re emitting. When we become our own sun, we act as a magnet attracting everything else that’s resonated on that same frequency. In a nutshell… ;)

Key Points

  • My tragic story of recording this episode 3 different times

  • The power of where we focus our energy

  • Card pull

  • Monday Mashup


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Intro: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe

Throughout & Outro: Good for You by THBD

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