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On Remembering Our True Nature

Heather Pennell



On this episode, I talk with Heather Pennell co-founder of Rising Woman and Facilitator and Guide of shadow-work, conscious relationship, breath-work, and tantric practices. Not to mention an incredibly beautiful writer.

This is Heather’s second time on the Real Rebel Podcast and I was so happy she was willing to sit down for a chat again. This time we got to talk a little more casually about whatever came up naturally in our conversation. Which included Heather’s struggles with PCOS, birth control, mental health, the importance of feeling our feelings, relationships, abandonment wounds and why they’re so prevalent in our society today, a woman’s Moon Time (a.k.a. her period), the power of plant medicine, and much much more.

Key Points

  • The shift that happened for Heather in the past few years

  • Being diagnosed to PCOS

  • Being a “Woman of the Moon”

  • Going back on birth control

  • The two weeks every month that levelled Heather

  • How our experiences help us hold space for others

  • Opening up to both western and eastern medicine

  • On mental health

  • Saturn Return - What it is and why it is

  • What happened during Heather’s Saturn Return

  • On dark nights of the soul

  • The importance of feeling our feelings

  • Breakups and processing grief

  • On labelling and attaching meaning to emotions

  • Somatic Healing (moving energy in the physical body) and why it’s important

  • Men, women, and emotions

  • Emotional suppression and taking responsibility for our emotions

  • Patience and the importance of realizing that things take time

  • On comparison and the stories we tell ourselves about others

  • The abandonment wound so many of us have and why we have it

  • Returning to love and our true nature

  • Taking our power back by staying away and looking at our darkness

  • Heather’s thoughts on purpose/higher calling

  • Flowstate and the importance of getting into it regularly

  • Going from being a photographer to the co-founder of Rising Woman

  • On relationships, ghost figures of the past, and infatuation

  • When we’re attracted on paper but not in real life

  • On creative blocks and our fear of death

  • Being seen and what happens when we show up in a big way in the world

  • Heather’s insights on a woman’s Moon Time

Rapid Fire

  1. What is your sign?

  2. What is your favorite morning beverage?

  3. What is your favorite place? Smell? Sound?

  4. What is a book or books you’ve read that you think are worth sharing?

  5. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  6. What is your Rebel Cause?


Instagram: @heyheatherobscura | @risingwoman

Website: www.risingwoman.com

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Saturn Return


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The Mystic Moon Calendar

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Vedic Astrology

Claire Nakti - Vedic Astrologer


Bullet Proof Coffee

Harmonic Arts - Kickstart Blend

Carriscitos Beach in Sayulita

Caya Shobo


Copal - Tree resin

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Calm App

Rude Awakening - Book by P.T. Mistleberger

Shakti Woman - Book by Vikki Nobel

The Gospel According to Jesus - Book by John F. MacArthur

A Course in Miracles - Book by Helen Shucman And William T Thetford


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