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Tarot Reading for 2019

Lynnette Duncan



On this episode, I talk with Lynnette Duncan an Evolutionary Astrologer, Master Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life and Ascension Coach.

I first discovered Lynnette while in Bali nursing my broken heart. Her daily posts on Instagram were always on point and really kept me going and semi-functioning on a daily basis. I hope you can sit down with a tea (or wine), a notebook, and just cozy up with this episode.

P.S. she does a card pull for the collective at the end of the episode which I’ve posted pictures to down below for you to reference.


  • Lynnette describes what it is she does

  • How she got into energy work and how the information comes to her

  • Her beliefs on astrology and how it’s a reflection of the collective

  • How she used tarot reading to develop her intuition

  • The increasing “trendiness” of energy, intuition, and astrology

  • What happened in 2012 with the Mayan calendar and the mass awakening that happened

  • The importance of perception and how we perceive things for 2019

  • What is actually happening when things get tough

  • The “bloating stage” that happens when your light body gets activated

  • What 3D, 4D, and 5D are

  • The importance of working with your shadow-self

  • What went on in 2018 and how the apex will be in 2020

  • How 2018 was an initiation

  • What 2019 is all about and how it will be an empowering year

  • The inner marriage and unity consciousness - how a lot of relationships will be formed this year and many will be challenging

  • The ending of the war between our ego and our soul

  • The indication that you can move forward within a challenging relationship

  • The importance of leaning into gratitude and how manifestations will be instant in this coming year (2019)

  • The liberation in letting go

  • Lynnette’s thoughts on twin flames

  • The importance of letting go and allowing

  • Lynnette does a tarot reading for the collective for 2019 (below)


The Hanged Man

Releasing energtic patterns and doing things differently.


Four of Cups

The importance of stepping into gratitude, seeing things as abundant, and celebrating yourself.


Ace of Swords

This is the year for setting intentions and locking onto the vision you see for yourself in your heart. Living your most authentic life, following your desires, and dreaming big. The importance of your intention.


The Magician

An ability to communicate on all levels and create. It’s all about your desire and what you’re attaching to your vision. The importance of playing with this energy.


Ace of Cups

A lot of pregnancies and births this year with a lot of advanced babies. More pure souls than ever are wanting in. Emotional fulfillment and connecting with our higher selves and heart expansion. Lead from your heart with everything you do this year.


Three of Wands

Energy of alignment and ascension. This will be a year to trust yourself and have faith in your vision. It’s time to bring your desire/work forward. Now is your time to serve the world.


The Hermit

A card of closure and closing a cycle. An indication that you’re not going to available anymore for things that aren’t meaningful or important to you. This is the year to know you’ll be supported by the universe.


Queen of Cups

In relationships it’s time to drop the guard and be who you are. Trust you will be loved for who you are.


Six of Swords

The energy of what we’re leaving. First our blocks will come up for us to see so we can clear it and release it.


Four of Wands

A cycle of completion.


The Staph

Choosing the right course of action. A reminder of the impermanence of all things.

Rapid Fire

  1. What is a recent book you’ve enjoyed or a book you would recommend?

  2. What is your favourite tarot deck?

  3. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  4. What is your rebel cause? Why do you do what you do?


Lisa Transcendence Brown

The Infinite Helix and the Emerald Flame - Book by Magenta Pixie

Whatever Arises Love That - Book by Matt Kahn

Thoth Tarot Deck - Lynnette’s Favorite tarot deck

Mystical Shaman Tarot Deck

The Beloved I am - Lynnette’s self-love program

Natal Chart Readings

Tarot Sessions

Soul Sessions

Lynnette’s website

Lynnette’s Instagram