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Photo credit:  Bryanna Bradley

Photo credit: Bryanna Bradley


On Rolling Towards Joy

Michelle Steilen (aka Estrojen)



On this episode, I talk with Michelle Steilen aka Estrojen the founder of Moxi Skates and the Angel City Derby Girls. A woman who is literally rolling through life.

Michelle is such a prime example of what happens when we accept who we are enough to be able to see ourselves clearly, and then not only believe in that self, but take the courageous steps and work hard enough to live a life that really lights us up.

Heeding her mother’s advice told to her at a young age to “always do work that you have fun doing” Michelle has created a life that is just that. Which includes an awesome community of misfits and fast movers just like her.

Our chat was incredibly inspiring, informative, and just downright full of joy. If you’re feeling a little down and out or a little stuck and are looking for a little more Moxi (pun intended) in your life, then you’re going to want to listen to this one.

Your Host - Katie B





Intro/Transition: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe

Outro: Deep Blue by Dusty Marshal