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On Being a Psychic Medium

Chloe Elgar



On this episode, I talk with Chloe Elgar an International Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher. Chloe has been working and evolving in the spiritual world to guide groups and individuals on the journey to the truth of who they are. Speaking from personal experience working with Chloe I can confidently say she’s doing the work she’s meant to be doing in the world. She also was on the podcast previously (episode 028), so this time we got play around more and dive into some spiritual concepts that blew my mind a little bit. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did recording it!

Key Points

  • What has surprised Chloe since moving to Austin Texas

  • Why Chloe moved to Austin and what it’s giving her

  • What Chloe does and how she came to do this work

  • Why negative energies starting to make an appearance in her life

  • Why those who come into the world as very bright lights tend to dim themselves down

  • What happens when we decide to accept ourselves and walk the path of our truth

  • The clair senses

  • How we complicate energy reading and why it’s important to simplify how we interact with it

  • Chloe’s thoughts on repetitive numbers

  • Different forms of spiritual communication

  • Chloe does a powerful mini-reading for Katie

  • Why your why should cause you to emote

  • Chloe’s thoughts on living our life in review

  • What Chloe would say to someone experiencing a dark night of the soul

  • The dark night moment the Chloe experienced recently and how she handled it

  • Aliens, angels, and fairies

  • Chloe’s connection with fairies and how it manifests in her life

  • Her connection with animals and why she finds it east to connect

  • Using scientific language to describe spiritual concepts

  • The one mind and our connection to each other

  • Chloe’s thoughts and guidance on purpose

  • Chloe pulls a card from the Work Your Light Deck by Rebecca Campbell

Rapid Fire

  1. What is usually for breakfast?

  2. What is your favourite place in the whole world?

  3. What is your favourite smell?

  4. What is your favourite sound?

  5. When do you feel most alive?

  6. What was the last thing you watched on Netflix?

  7. What is a book or books you’ve read that you think are worth sharing?

  8. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  9. What is your Rebel Cause?


Instagram: @chloescountertop


Facebook: Chloe Elgar

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