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Web Design, Branding, Failure, Business Partnership, and Just Going for It with Lucy and Daphne of Salt Design Co. - 016

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Salt Design Co.

Lucy and Daphne are the brilliant creators of the branding and web design firm Salt Design Co. They came together while studying Graphic Design in Vancouver and haven't looked back since. After 2 years in business, they're already really hitting their stride and consistently offering incredibly valuable offerings including events, blog posts, and a soon to be online course! These ladies are a definite powerhouse duo that you're going to want to keep your eye on!

In this episode, I sit down with Lucy and Daphne, the founders of Salt Design Co. They tell their story of how they went from two completely different directions in life to ultimately meeting each other in design school, and starting a business. 

We get deep into the weeds of their stories and talk things like life path, fear, failure, business partnership, family and much more. Near the end, we get really granular as they give away some extremely helpful advice for website building and brand creation. You're really going to want to listen to the whole thing. It's solid, solid gold. 


  • What they ate for breakfast.

  • How Daphne has started paying someone to tell her what to eat.

  • A little bit about who they are and what they like.

  • When they started Salt Design Co.

  • What Daphne did before Salt Design Co.

  • What Lucy did before Salt Design Co.

  • How both ladies found their way to graphic design.

  • How they decided they would start a company and how they knew they'd wanted to do it together.

  • How taking a chance on each other ended up working very well.

  • What their differences and similarities are and how it helps them in business.

  • How they strike a balance with each other.

  • How Lucy is a "dreamer" and a more "big picture" thinker while Daphne is more "detail oriented" and why it works out best this way for them.

  • How they took Salt Design Co. from idea to conception.

  • The importance of just starting and "just doing it".

  • How they were operating for a year before they really came clear about their business and brand.

  • The importance of just getting your idea out there.

  • A situation where things went south and got difficult due to a disruptive ending with a client.

  • Their experience, what they did about it, what they learned from it, and the benefits it ended up bringing them in the long run.

  • Lucy's biggest fear.

  • Thoughts on approaching 30.

  • Their new blog series on failure "The F Word".

  • What failure means to each of them and where the definition came from.

  • How answering these questions on failure has helped them know each other better.

  • How being bullied ultimately helped Lucy.

  • How Daphne's fear failure comes from a fear of letting others (especially family).

  • The power of family.

  • Lucy and Daphne's thoughts on where to start when building a website and personal brand.

  • The importance of having the foundational components for you brand ironed out before you get started.

  • Why you should always build grids when building a website.

  • Why you should ignore the design of the template and focus on the functionality when picking a Squarespace website.

  • Why you should not overload your page with content and add a lot of white space.

  • The importance of making your website easy to navigate.

  • Why you should be resizing your images so your page loads faster.

  • How to actually resize those images even if you don't have photoshop.

  • How you should always go PNG. for web and 72 PPI when it comes to images.

  • If the image does not look good a 72 PPI then keep it at the higher resolution and make the file size smaller.

  • What advice they would give their 20-year-old self.

  • What their rebel causes are.