Rima the Jungle Girl 017

Listening to Your intuition, Confidence, Trusting Your Path, and Living in the Jungle With Rima the Jungle Girl - 017

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Rima Danielle

Rima is a licensed marriage and family therapist, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, advocate for all things vegan, natural & herbal, and host of the Rima the Jungle Girl Podcast. Her aim is to inspire and show people "that living a life in alignment with ethics, morals, and nature is not only possible, but essential, for the successful progression of our species." 

In this episode, I talk with Rima Danielle Jomaa a.k.a Rima the Jungle Girl. She joins me from Costa Rica while I recorded on my end from Bali! For Rima it was 6:30 am and I was able to catch her just before she and her boyfriend went out for a morning surf. Stuff of dreams right?

Yes, it literally is the stuff of Rima's dreams. Listen in to find out how she went from running a hotel and being in real estate, to stepping full-time into work that she loves while simultaneously living by the beach, doing yoga, having lots of time to actually "live", and surfing bright and early with her hunky vegan chef boyfriend. She finally feels like life is clicking and she shares all about how she got there in this episode!


  • Where Rima lives and just how wild it really is.

  • How she quit her full-time job to do what she's doing now.

  • How she made that decision and how she knew it was the right decision.

  • Why Rima and her husband decided to end their marriage.

  • Why staying in her current work condition became something she no longer wanted to do.

  • Why it took her 6 months from when she made the decision to actually leaving.

  • How she deals with doubt and fear on a daily basis.

  • What she loves so much about her new way of living.

  • The importance of remembering to leave space of actually living life.

  • How her life was very "go-go-go" before she asked herself a very important question.

  • The importance of asking yourself "am I really doing what I want to be doing?"

  • How Rima supports herself and her lifestyle.

  • Rima's thoughts and advice on the retreat business.

  • The couples retreat that she and her partner are putting on.

  • Rima's thoughts on running a life coaching business and how she became one.

  • Isolation and how Rima deals with it.

  • When and why Rima became a vegan.

  • Why this is the first time in Rima's life where things are clicking into place.

  • The importance of doing therapy and how that helped her.

  • How the striving and the journey can be tough but persistence paid off for Rima.

  • How at one point Rima was a victim of her internal stories and how she broke free from them.

  • The importance of understanding the journey is not always pretty.

  • The challenge of friends and family not understanding your dreams and pushing back a bit.

  • How she wasn't acknowledged by some until she actually started to achieve.

  • The importance of sticking it out and following your intuition.

  • How listening to her intuition and being confident were the keys to her living the life of her dreams.

  • The importance of understanding that as an entrepreneur you need to trust your visions.

  • How importance confidence is when it comes to achieving your dreams and the role therapy plays in that.

  • Why it's ok to ask for what you need and know your worth.

  • Why being confident and clear on what you want helps the universe to bring that to you.

  • What the ebb and flow of life is and why it's important to understand it.

  • Question from a listener about how to find a relationship where the man is accepting of her high powered career and Rima's answer.

  • What Rima is hoping for the new year.

  • What advice Rima would give her 20-year-old self

  • What Rima's rebel cause is.