Mindy the Lion 018

From Working 9-5 to Traveling the world, Running a Business, and Living in Luxury Hotels with Mindy the Lion - 018

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Mindy the Lion

Mindy is a world traveler, genius photographer, social media wizard, and general badass marching to the beat of her own damn drum. She spends her time traveling the world and working on her business. She's incredibly driven, smart, and playful person living out this generation's fantasy. With her 129K followers on Instagram, this rebel is definitely doing something right!

In this episode, I talk with Mindy the Lion. A badass entrepreneur that figured out what she wanted out of life, went for it, and is now spending her days doing what she loves and making serious bank at the same time!

We get into Mindy's story of how she went from working a 9-5 job to quitting and booking an airplane ticket that changed everything. Her story isn't without its bumps. At one point she found herself feeling unclear, worthless, and just plain shitty. Cut to now, and she travels the world getting paid to stay in luxury hotels. #truestory

Listen in to find out she made this happen for herself and the things she's learned along the way.  


  • What Mindy ate for breakfast.

  • What life was like for Mindy before she became "Mindy the Lion".

  • How her decision to pick up a camera after being injured as an athlete was a sign of things to come.

  • How she never thought she would end of doing photography as a profession.

  • Why working 9-5 didn't work for her.

  • How her boyfriend played a pivotal roll in her decision to quit her job and travel.

  • The question he asked her that caused a mental shift and changed everything for Mindy.

  • Where she went on her first trip.

  • The trend Mindy has noticed throughout her journey that she attributes her success to.

  • How looking back and connecting the dots helps her to trust in what's happening now.

  • The importance of understanding that each of our roadmaps is different and understand who you are and what your values are.

  • What life was like after Mindy quit her job and felt "hopelessly depressed and broke".

  • How she almost launched a clothing line and used that time as an incubation period.

  • How Mindy booked her first trip with just $3000 worth of room on her VISA but booked the trip anyway because she felt it was the right thing.

  • How the people around Mindy supported her during her transition between a 9-5 job and living her dream.

  • The important questions she asked herself during this transition.

  • The deep dark black abyss that Mindy spent 2 months in and why she was there.

  • The meltdown that followed shortly after.

  • How staying at her family cottage changed things for her when her Mom gave her tools to make a vision board after watching Oprah.

  • The question Mindy asked herself before making her vision board.

  • The 4 themes that came out of the vision board.

  • The job that popped up on craigslist shortly after that was pretty much what was on her newly made vision board.

  • What messages the universe sent Mindy before her interview.

  • How Mindy negotiated for the job that worked better for her.

  • How she managed things intelligently when she was "in over her head" by outsourcing.

  • How Mindy created 11,000% growth for the cruise company while traveling the world while only working 5 hours per month.

  • Why Mindy started her own company Social Lume.

  • The importance of persistence and patients in her journey.

  • What life looks like for Mindy now.

  • What Mindy's favorite part of what she does now is.

  • The challenge of making money from what you love doing.

  • The importance of doing "good work" and trusting in the process.

  • Where Mindy would go if she could go anywhere in the world right now.

  • What she would bring on a stranded island.

  • What Mindy would tell her 20-year-old self.

  • Mindy's Rebel Cause.