Meagan Ayres 020

Self-Worth, Priorities, Healing Relationships, Money, and Overcoming the Tough Stuff with Meagan Ayres- 020

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Meagan Ayres

This badass bombshell is the perfect combination of sugar and spice. She is a good friend of mine and the founder of Project You movement. She balances running a business, a full-time job as a buyer, a relationship, and still manages to look like she just stepped out of a magazine. She literally is a wizard... I'm sure of it. 

On this episode, I talk with the founder of Project You, Meagan Ayres. She is a businesswoman who faces life head-on from an open and powerful, yet gentle and feminine perspective. 

Meagan is a self-made woman who isn't afraid to get honest and look at her life in order to make it the best it can be. I still don't really know how this woman does it, but in the episode, we get a bit of an idea of what she's faced and overcame, and the exciting directions she's taking moving forward.


  • What the new direction/mission for Project You is.

  • The personal reason why the mission changed.

  • The importance of taking your power back.

  • Why Meagan is focusing on monetizing and adding more value.

  • Money, money, money - our relationship with it and how it's showing up for Meagan.

  • The importance of acknowledging our worth.

  • How being bullied affected her sense of worth and created a fear of not being accepted.

  • The importance of staying present to not let the inner critic take over your thoughts.

  • The importance of being gentle and patient with yourself.

  • The unforeseen gift that Project You as brought to Meagan.

  • The unforeseen challenge of being in a relationship and starting a business that Meagan as recently had to face and overcome.

  • The importance of getting on the same page with your partner and scheduling time.

  • How Meagan balances her full-time job, running a business, her relationship, and taking time to care for herself - her advice on how to do it.

  • How it's important to be fierce with your time and to understand things aren't forever.

  • The importance of a good support system and the role that plays in Meagan's life.

  • How Meagan takes care of herself and manages to keep her energy up.

  • The power in saying "no".

  • The doubts and fears that Meagan faced when first starting Project You.

  • The topic that comes up most at the Project You events.

  • Meagan's goals for 2018 - (exciting news!).

  • The realization that Meagan had about her happiness and its relation to her business.

  • Rapid Fire Questions:

  1. What 3 things we would find in Meagan's purse.

  2. What person (dead or alive) would Meagan have dinner with.

  3. The latest book that Meagan has read.

  4. What advice Meagan would give her 20-year-old self.

  5. What is her Rebel Cause?