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Healing Lyme Disease, Creating a Movement, and Living Aligned with Elena Heegaard -011

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Elena Heegaard

Elena is the Director of Operations and Project You, and Founder of Leaves of Gratitude. She is an incredibly spirited, passionate, and giving human on a mission to become the fully expressed version of herself, and help others do the same in the process. She's a badass, a fellow redhead, and always speaks her mind. Enough said.

On this episode my chat with Elena Heegaard is nothing short of amazing. This badass and awe-inspiring woman has overcome more than her fair share by the age of 22. After a long and arduous journey with Lyme Disease, where she came out the other side victorious on many different levels, she has a lot to share and is happy to do it.

 Elena speaks with wisdom that is far beyond her years and is not only hilarious, but deeply empathic, moving, and a force for good. This episode will make you laugh, cry, get mad, feel supported, and probably get the shivers at least once or twice.


  • How Elena dyes her gorgeous red hair (this one's for you redheads).

  • What Project You is.

  • The importance of female energy and how women push it away.

  • The rise of feminine energy and the balance of masculine energy.

  • How Elena and Katie met.

  • Leaves of gratitude - what it is and why Elena created it.

  • The importance of children connecting to natures.

  • Elena's origin story - how her passion for helping people started.

  • How the injustice in her highschool sparked her passion for people reach their full potential.

  • The importance of celebrating the wins.

  • What "parking the car" means.

  • How Elena went from studying Human rights law to entrepreneeurship and what spurred that change.

  • How her empathy started to make her feel heavy, sick, and exhausted.

  • Elena's experience with Lyme Disease - how to started her journey down the self-help and personal development path.

  • How she got Lyme Disease and what happens if you get it.

  • The symptoms of Lyme Disease that Elena personally experienced.

  • How her disease led her to feeling deeply depressed.

  • How she ended up with two types of Mono on top of her Lyme Disease.

  • The importance of having health advocates.

  • How she ended up reeking havoc on her gut by taking a month of antibiotics.

  • What is was like for her to be "completely out" for 6 months.

  • How her commitment to going to the gym helped her shift towards feeling better.

  • Her decision to move to Vancouver helped her to see her situation more clearly.

  • How her powerful decision to change her mental state was the key to moving forward.

  • How Tim Ferris's book Tools of Titans helped her discover the Keto diet and ultimately healed her of her disease.

  • How she did the Keto diet for just 2.5 weeks and remains symptom free to this day.

  • What "keto flu" is.

  • The importance of asking for support.

  • How she had to re-learn to trust her body again and love herself through the process of feeling fearful.

  • Where she is now in regards to her health and her feelings towards the disease and her past.

  • How she stands firm in the belief that everything happens for a reason and it's an opportunity to "roll with it, and blossom from it".

  • The importance of taking your personal power back and to stop being the victim of your life in little ways.

  • The dangers of comparing yourself to others on social media.

  • Elena's systems for self-care and self-love.

  • How love is active not passive.

  • How climbing the tough mountain is always worth it.

  • The importance and power of creating structure in your day.

  • Why you need to "check yourself" if you're working too hard to make others happy instead of caring for yourself.

  • The importance of setting healthy boundaries and saying no.

  • Elena's advice to her 20-year-old self.

  • Elena's Rebel Cause.