Sam Vander Wielen 006

Brain Surgery, Legally Protecting your Biz, Pivoting, and Asking for Help with Sam Vander Wielen - 006

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Sam Vander Wielen

Sam spends her days as an Entrepreneur, Health Coach, and Business Wizard helping women get their businesses legally protected without breaking the bank. She is an incredibly powerful and knowledgeable woman with a desire to really help. She's totally conscious of being fair and really taking care of the people she works with. Sam is an absolute gem!

There are SO many amazing takeaways from this episode. Not only does Sam share her journey of going through a recent brain surgery (yes you read that right), but she also shares how she went from being a corporate attorney to switching gears and jumping into life as an Entrepreneur and Health Coach.

A few things we touch on (and I mean just a few out of the MANY) include health, self-care, burnout, business, and need to know legal info.

And on the subject of legal, if you’re a small business and haven’t looked into the legal side of things listen up homie! Sam share a ton of useful information and resources around the legal side of having your own business.

Trust me when I say this, you will learn a lot of somethings from this episode. 


  • Why she had brain surgery and what it felt like to go through it

  • The lessons she learned from have the surgery

  • The importance of asking for help

  • Why she switched from a career in law to health coaching

  • Why she went to law school even though it was out of alignment for her

  • Her thoughts on how life is backwards

  • Pivoting - what it is and why it’s important

  • Following your passion and going for it

  • What legal things entrepreneurs need to be aware of

  • Getting your business in legal shape

  • The importance of protecting yourself legally

  • The 3 documents you need if you have a website, blog, or email list

    • Terms and conditions - the rules of your site, services, or product

    • Disclaimer - who you are, what you do, and what you don’t do and who you are not

    • Privacy policy - needed when collecting people’s personal information

  • How to protect your business name/brand

  • The difference between ™ and ®

  • Where to put the ™ symbol and the importance of being consistent

  • The thing that gets most entrepreneurs in legal trouble and what to do about it

  • How getting the legal side of things right can save relationships and businesses

  • Her instant download legal templates

  • Sam’s BizStorming sessions

  • The value of having someone to talk to when you work from home

  • The basic structure of a sales funnel

  • The importance of being genuine and putting out high value content

  • Nurturing and taking care of the clients you have

  • How Sam deals with burnout

  • The different seasons in life

  • The importance of remembering your why

  • Why it’s a good idea to spend time on your hobbies

  • “You want to be interesting and interested” - a quote from Sam’s Mom

  • Isolation as an entrepreneur

  • Sam’s advice to her 20-year-old self.

  • Sam’s rebel cause