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Getting to the Root in Relationships, Self-Worth, Money, and Fear with Expert and Love Coach Kavita J Patel - 007

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Kavita J Patel

Kavita is a Love Coach, Intuitive, and a highly sought out expert in the world of love and relationships. She has helped thousands of "extraordinary women find and keep extraordinary love". Her ability to get to the root of relationship issues is truly exceptional. I's clear that Kavita is doing exactly what she's meant to be doing in this world!

I love love love this episode and I think you will too. This week I chat with Kavita J Patel, a Love Coach and Intuitive from the bright and beautiful New York. Kavita has been featured in The Huffington Post, Fox News, Women’s Health, Time Out New York, and CBS News for her transformational work. 

Trust me when I say, you do NOT want to miss this episode. Kavita shares a ton of wisdom around why we are the way we are when it comes to relationships, and the importance of being open to what romantic relationships can teach us.

Among many other juicy topics like money, fear of losing ourselves, and self-worth, we also chat about her pregnancy and dive into the sometimes difficult decision to have children. 

It was truly a joy to have Kavita on. I highly encourage you to take her 4 Types Love Quiz which is linked in the resources section.


  • Why Kavita Became a Love Coach and how she discovered her calling

  • Her personal journey with love

  • Her wake-up call and how it moved her to go deeper

  • How her family upbringing influenced the way she saw and experienced relationships

  • How she transformed her relationships and eventually turned that into her teachings

  • How she’s feeling now as she enters her second trimester of pregnancy

  • What really made the difference in her journey from going to awareness to actual change

  • How she resisted her partner’s support and why she did it

  • Why it matters how you see love and relationships when you’re a child

  • How we relate in order to evolve to a new state

  • The conversation with her Mom that changed the way she saw relationships

  • How opening up and showing her husband see that she needed him helped the relationship

  • How men like to be the provider and what you can do to truly help them feel needed

  • The importance of looking inward and being responsible for and owning your wounds and triggers

  • How releasing old wounds allows things you once resisted to become natural

  • How women give a lot of energy to men and how it’s important to bring that power back to ourselves so that we can bring good energy to the relationship

  • How romantic love brings our insecurities to the surface and why it’s actually a chance for us to grow and evolve

  • The importance of feeling “worthy from within”

  • How it’s ok to feeling wronged for a while, but it’s important to move on, grow, and open up your heart again

  • The top two things busy and ambitious women have difficulty with in love

  • The importance of giving and receiving love

  • How being someone that is giver of love, but one that over gives can sometimes be a compensation for not feeling worthy of receiving love without first giving it

  • The number one question you can ask yourself

    • What was my perception of my parent's relationship?

  • Kavita’s thoughts on money and how to deal with it in a romantic relationship

  • The decision of having children and Kavita’s thoughts around it

  • Kavita’s realization around having kids

  • The importance of allowing yourself to question whether or not you want to have kids

  • Kavita’s story of her journey to becoming pregnant

  • The fear of losing yourself in romantic relationships and having children

  • How the way we see motherhood is related to the childhood we experienced and how we see our mothers

  • The importance of understanding what you actually want when to comes to family and relationships and leading from that place

  • Self-worth and love and why we struggle with it

  • All about her Worthy from Within Course

  • What advice Kativa would give her 20-year-old self

  • What Kavita’s rebel cause is