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Body Image, "Growing Days", Money, Relationships, and Afternoon Drinks with Cara Halber - 002

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Cara Halber is a dark chocolate loving Vancouverite who also happens to be a health and wellness expert. She has worked with hundreds of women to help them reach their health goals. To do this she focuses on realistic and quick to implement approaches that actually last. Aside from her accolades, she is an incredibly warm, fun, and down-to-earth lady with a LOT of wisdom to share.

On this episode, I talk with Cara Halber, Health Coach, and overall life ninja.  We get into all sorts of amazing topics like what type of coffee is healthiest, body image, her favorite business tools, money mindset, and much more!

Cara has definitely had quite the healthy journey. She went from being diagnosed as allergic to food (yes you read that right), to starting her own business as a very well known Health Coach. What I love about Cara is her willingness to go “there” and get real about her experiences. 

Also be sure to check out the Resources and Mentions section below because Cara was dropping resource bombs left right and centre in this episode. And they are all PURE GOLD.


  • The importance not labeling what you do too strictly.

  • What Cara eats at the start of her day.

  • Single Origin Coffee - What it is and why it’s better for you.

  • Her experience being diagnosed as “allergic to food” and how she dealt with it.

  • The difference between an abstainer and a moderator.

  • Why she’s grateful for losing her health.

  • How to make your affirmations more powerful.

  • The tool she uses most to move forward.

  • Her journey with body image and where she is now with it.

  • Her “Growing Day” - how she was feeling out of sorts and what she did to grow through it.

  • What her favorite business tools are.

  • The importance of asking yourself the hard questions and imagining the worst case scenario.

  • How she prioritizes money and the importance of being open to talking about it.

  • Hustling - how it burnt her out and what she does now.

  • The importance of the macro view.

  • What it was like in when she started her business and where she’s at now.

  • What mistake she made in the beginning of her business.

  • How she eventually was able to work at her business full-time.

  • How she attracted her client base.

  • A business partnership gone wrong.

  • What happened when she hired a business coach.

  • Her advice for those who are just starting a business or thinking about it.

  • When it’s time to hire a coach.

  • Her thoughts on finances and how she sets up her banking to set herself up for success.

  • The importance of “money mindset”, her favorite books on money, and how she keeps things simple.

  • The importance of indulging a little bit here and there.

  • Money and its relationship to the way we eat.

  • Her tip on how to pay off debts.

  • Cara’s tips on balancing your romantic relationship and your career.

  • Her thoughts on becoming a Mom.

  • Cara’s advice to her 20 year old self.

  • Cara’s Rebel Cause.