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On the Courage to Take Bold Steps

Your Host - Katie B



On this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, we talk all about boldness and courage.

If we want a vision that excites us, it needs to be one big and bold enough to inspire us to move towards it. And if we have a vision that is big and bold it will require us to take bold steps towards it. And if we want to take those bold steps we have to have the courage to do so.

That’s pretty much what this entire episode is about. Getting excited enough about where you’re going, and then what is actually required to get there. I also riff on the two sticking points many (if not all of us) inevitably come up against in the process and how to get past them.

All of this, of course, stems from our inner sense of worth. From the belief that we’re worth such a wonderful beautiful life in the first place.

The time to act is now. And if you’re stepping towards a big dream those steps will be scary. But that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel. That doesn’t mean you turn around.

It just means you gather up every ounce of courage you’ve got and press on.

Your Host - Katie B

Key Points

  • Riff on rest without expectation and dreaming.

  • Card pull (x3)

  • Monday Mashup



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