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On Points of Transition and Transformation

Jordan Gray



On this episode, I talk with Jordan Gray a sex and relationship coach who has been dedicated to helping people thrive in relationships for the past 10 years. He is also a speaker, #1 best selling author on Amazon, incredible writer, and hilarious human in general. He has been featured in Huffington Post, The New York Times, BBC, Self, Cosmo, Psychology Today, Business Insider, Yahoo!, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Elephant Journal, and The Good Men Project.

Our chat was easy, fun, and incredibly powerful. Many of you will relate to Jordan’s story of being a highly sensitive individual and having to learn how to relate to and integrate past and present experiences in a helpful and healthy way.

We go into the beginnings of his journey and his experience with being bullied by his siblings, the moment when he tried to kill himself, the points of transition the lead to transformations in his life, dealing with burnout, heartbreak, what he’s learning and integrating now, and much more.

As with most of my guests these days this chat could have gone on for hours if we let it. So I hope that you are able to connect with what we riffed on in the time we had, and more importantly, I hope you take a second to scroll through some of the incredible articles Jordan has posted up on his website.

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