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On Comfort in the Discomfort

Your Host - Katie B



On this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, we talk all about finding comfort in discomfort. It’s easy to have a vision, to dream, it’s an entirely different ball game when it comes to actually taking action on those dreams.

We dream because we’re ready to step out of our current reality and leap into a more expanded version of ourselves and our life. Which means that our actions are going to have to stretch to match this expansion. This means we’ve gotta get uncomfortable.

Choosing the comfortable choice in the short-term means discomfort in the long-term and vice versa. The truth is that growth isn’t comfortable. We have to learn to block out the inner noise when we’re making changes, when we’re doing things differently.

In this Audio Coffee episode that’s exactly what I riff on. We’re diving into the nuts and bolts of dreams and uncomfortable actions and how to actually hold on through the uncomfortable part so we can reap the rewards of momentary discomfort and long-term gain.

It’s time to unstick from the old and leap into that new good shit you’ve been dreaming of. And it starts with one uncomfortable step after the other.

Your Host - Katie B

Key Points

  • Riff on rest without expectation and dreaming.

  • Card pull (x1)

  • Monday Mashup



The 5 Second Rule: Explained by Mel Robbins


Intro: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe

Music Credit: Deep Blue by Dusty Marshall

Collective Card Pull - August 26, 2019