Your Kid Self - Don't Disappoint

Do you remember your kid self?

I know it’s not good to look back too much because… like… we’re not going that way and all. 

However, there is some value in tuning into channel childhood and watching some old playbacks. 


Because when you were a kid you were so fucking tuned into your soul, it’s ridiculous. You knew who you were without a shadow of a doubt. 

You knew innately.

You didn’t need a Myers Briggs test to tell you who you were. You just knew. 

And because you just knew, you walked around confidently. You knew that you liked cheese, painting the fresh white walls rainbow, and walking around with no clothes on, and damn it, you were going to do all of those things and you weren’t going to apologize to nobody!

#thisismylife #nakedpaintingallday

Now, I’m not advocating that you start to run around town eating cheese and defacing public property with no clothes on. 

But what I am getting at, is that as a kid you knew who you were. So it’s good to look back and take note of the kinds of things you liked to do and the type of person you were. 

What made you laugh? Cry? Get really mad? What made you never want to come inside for dinner because you were just having too much fun? 

What lit you up?

When I look back at myself as a child I always was trying to start a business. I was always dreaming of the cool things I could create/do and then I would stubbornly go about the business of doing those things. Despite being told “no” and despite the fact that an 8-year-old should not be operating a handsaw unsupervised. 

Sorry, Mom.

To this day I am still doing these things. Less the handsaw, and less the parental guidance (sort of).

We come into this world fully formed. Ready to go. 

It is only when other people’s limited stories start to become our own, that we begin to shift our belief system around who we are and what we’re capable of.

The good news is, we all can access that part of ourselves that once believed wholeheartedly. 

Maybe we left it for a while, but now we can get back to it. 

And this time, when you do get back to it, you’re an adult. Which means you have things like a wallet and a drivers license (or bus pass of sorts). Which means you can actually put those dreams into action much faster, and much more legally.

I’m not saying live life in a child in la la land. But what I am saying is access that extremely powerful and knowing part of you that has the capacity and ability to fuel your wildest dreams. Then couple it with your understanding of the world’s current reality and your knowledge of how to move through it, and get to work. 


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