Could It Be Easier?

At the moment I'm deep in the bowels of Tim Ferriss' latest book "Tribe of Mentors".

If you haven't picked one up yet... well, I'm not going to tell you what to do. So I won't.

Ok maybe I will. Go pick a copy up for yourself. 

I bought mine in the Bangkok airport with the last of the Thai Baht I had on me. My boyfriend and I had been living in Thailand, then made our way to Bali, then due to the powers of Mount Agung and it's impending eruption, we decided to make our way to Denmark where I have family. 

I had no business buying a book with the thickness comparable to the Bible. Especially with a lot of travel in my near future. But for this book... for Timothy Ferriss... I would do it.

As we boarded the plane from Bangkok to Copenhagen, I cracked open the pages and read the intro. I was hooked. 

A question Tim has been posing, one that he asked in the intro, and one that he has been asking in his most recent YouTube videos, was this... "what would it look like if it were easy?".


Good question Timothy Ferriss. Good fucking question.

So often we look at our goals and dreams and get taken aback by the size of the mountain in front of us. 

We have a "holy shit... I want this but... Jesus fucking Murphy... that's a big friggin' mountain" moment.

The mind is a powerful thing. If we tell ourselves it's a big fucking mountain and it's going to be hard to climb. That's exactly what it will be.


Because we're focusing our energy on the hardness and complexity of the situation. As opposed to taking a step back and thinking... "ok... so I could go this really hard route, or... could I look for another more graceful and elegant way to go about this?"

Does it always have to be hard? Or is there another way to go about it?

In our society struggle is put on a pedestal. Now, don't get me wrong. I think struggle is our greatest teacher. 

However, everything worth having does not have to come with the price tag of a slog in the mud sweat on your back tear stains down your cheek struggle. 

There could be, just maybe, a more elegant and easy way to go about it. 

Look at your current situation. Perhaps you're building a business and struggling to pay the bills. Is there another way you could go about doing it? Is there an elegant solution to your hardship?

To figure this out, you need to first open your mind to the possibility of a more easeful path.

Then, you need to brainstorm the shit out of the situation. 

Nothing is off the table. 

Write down absolutely every possible solution. Anything that comes to your mind regardless of how crazy it seems.

Don't let your mind edit. Your mind is often being driven by your ego. And that mother fucker really likes to edit out the spectacular and exceptional and replace it with the humdrum and safe.

When you're done spilling your glorious wisdom out on to the page, look back. Refine. Ask yourself, "could any of these work?",  "could any of these solutions actually make my life easier?". 

You might be surprised at what you can come up with. You might be surprised at the kind of doors that you'll open for yourself. 

And you might even be able breath a giant sigh of relief, pour yourself a glass of wine, and giggle to yourself at this new path of ease that's been right under your nose the whole time.

"What would this look like if it were easy?" -  Tim Ferriss

Your Host,

Katie Buemann