Don't Wait for Confidence - you'll be waiting a real fucking long time

Don't you just love confident people? *insert GIANT eye roll here*

How they sashay into a room looking like they're masters of the universe. Like their sweat probably smells like eucalyptus and lavender and they've never even heard the phrase "excuse me, your shirt is on inside-out... and backward, oh and there's a bit of toilet paper on your shoe... and is that your car alarm going off?".

They just ooze confidence out of their tight and tiny pores.


But really, we may look at these people like they're whimsical unicorns that just seem to have all of their shit together and always have. 

Like we could never reach that kind of sossy-minx style of confidence. 

But as Dwight Schrute would say "FALSE"!

This simply isn't true. At least in the majority of cases. 

Most people, unless you are of course Beyonce, have confidence because they first had courage.

It is the courageous that eventually get to reap the reward of confidence. 

Courage looks like taking that big risk to live more in alignment with who you are. 

Which looks like starting that business, telling that person you love them, divorcing those negative "on the road to nowhere fast" friends. It looks like saying yes to that trip abroad. To getting that tattoo, to writing that book. 

Courage is saying yes to the seemingly scary things in life, taking a risk, and betting on yourself to win.

When we make courageous moves, we get a chance to see what we're really made of.

We stretch ourselves. 

Which results in us being able to see for ourselves just how much we're really capable of. 

Which then, of course, results in a little more confidence each time. 

Over time, we start to build up our confidence because we know that "yes I fucking can handle that situation because I've either done it before or have done something 10x as scary and came out looking fresher than a motherfucking daisy".

So the answer to becoming a confidence unicorn sashaying about with your confidence pouring out of your pores and eyeballs... is courage. 

Don't wait to be confident. Or worry about the fact that you're currently not walking around with the confidence of a New York real estate agent.

Fuck that!

All you need to do is let yourself be exactly who you are right now, and don't put pressure on yourself to be anyone else because... that's #1 exhausting and #2 it causes stress wrinkles. 

And then just focus on making decisions that are in alignment with who you are at the core of your being (especially of their scare your pants off a little... or all the way). 

Courage comes first. Confidence follows. 

That's all.

Sincerely your Real Rebel Podcast Host and resident weirdo,

Katie B