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On Becoming Truly Free

Leah Brathwaite



On this episode, I talk with Leah Brathwaite and let me tell you, it was incredibly fun, transformative, and deeply inspiring. I love everything about Leah and the work she does. Dare I say she’s a Soul Sister of sorts.

Leah is a Soul Advisor and Author of the best selling book “A New Way of Life". Her work is all about freedom and coming home to yourself. It’s far too often the story that we get so disconnected from ourselves that we end up living a life that feels nothing like us. A life where we feel trapped and uninspired.

This is exactly the experience Leah went through. She had everything she was “supposed” to have. The house, the car, the job, the marriage, only to realize she actually didn’t want any of it. None of it was truly her. And so she set off on the journey of coming home to herself. One that she calls a “constant transformation”. Which I would wholeheartedly agree with.

She now lives her life doing exactly what she wants to do. She has allowed herself to not only see her desires, but to really claim them and welcome them into her life. But she will be the first to tell you it’s not always roses and sunshine. It’s constant growing, new learning, and understanding on an even deeper level what it means to truly live a life that is free.

So, if you feel trapped, disconnected, uninspired, anxious, or lost, then this episode should hit you right where you need it to. It’s my hope that it does.

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Instagram: @leah.brathwaite

Website: leahbrathwaite.com

Leah’s Book: A New Way of Life

Leah’s Program: The Live Free Lifestyle

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The Alchemist - Book by Paulo Coelho


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