Audio Coffee


On Claiming What We Actually Want

Your Host - Katie B



On this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, we talk about what to do when things aren’t shifting. When we know we’re where we’re headed, but things just don’t seem to be clicking or moving.

This is all about being ok with where we’re at and releasing resistance. It’s all about taking the time to reconnect back to ourselves and acknowledging what we actually desire. Not what we’re told we should want.

This one is a little softer than usual for those times where we need a little gentle space to reconnect. A little reminder that ease is possible and important if we want to move forward without having to lift a boulder to do so.

That’s about it.

Your Host,

Katie B

Key Points

  • Riff on fear of the unknown

  • Card pull (x1)

  • Monday Mashup



Intro: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe

Music Credit: Belonging by Muted

Collective Card Pull - September 9, 2019