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Keys to Success, Darkness, Celebrating, Uncomfortable Shifts, Trust, and Ah Ha Moments with Sunny Lenarduzzi - 009

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Sunny Lenarduzzi

First things first, she's the realist. Sunny is a social media wizard and YouTube expert. She's been featured in the likes of The Huffington Post, and more recently was named one of the "20 Must Watch YouTube Channels that will Change Your Business" by Forbes. Sooo ya. She's a bit of a badass. It goes without saying that Sunny is an incredibly powerful woman with a name that more than matches her disposition. 

Ok, brace yourself. This episode is the bee's pajamas.

This week I sit down with Sunny Lenarduzzi, entrepreneur, CEO, and social media wizard to hear all about her circular path from broadcast student to being featured in Forbes as the one of the "20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business".

Sunny is a powerhouse, there's no doubt about that. But what I love and respect the most about her, is her genuine kindness and desire to help others. It shines through in absolutely everything she does. You will get a LOT of soul food from listening to this episode, as well as some very helpful business and social media tips and tricks. 


  • The reason why we get to burnout.

  • The importance of celebrating.

  • What a love journal is and why Sunny uses it.

  • What the “circular path to success is”.

  • What Sunny’s ultimate goal as a kid was.

  • How Sunny got her name.

  • Her career path and her first business and how she got to where she is today.

  • How she stumbled into creating YouTube videos.

  • Why she loves creating her videos and the intention behind them.

  • How she set her goals based on how she wants to feel.

  • The feeling she had as a child that she was destined for something big.

  • The importance of hard work.

  • How Sunny wanted to feel - her core desired feelings.

  • How sunny balances the masculine and the feminine.

  • Her “ah ha” moment at the 2010 Vancouver olympics that changed the course of her career.

  • How her amazingly supportive family played a role in her becoming successful.

  • How her resistance to being told what to do shaped her decision to go off on her own.

  • The key to her success - not looking up at the whole mountain.

  • How authenticity plays a huge role in someone being successful or not.

  • Her first experience in business with her online magazine.

  • The two things her first business taught her.

  • The core belief Sunny has that everything happens for a reason.

  • How failure is a very powerful way to learn.

  • Criticism and how to handle it.

  • Dealing with darkness and how it comes with the entrepreneurial territory.

  • Uncomfortable shifts and reverting back to old ways of being.

  • What happened when she went off social media for two weeks.

  • How she lost trust in herself and ended up burning out.

  • How she is stepping into her new role and the changes it means.

  • How darkness “comes from a place of being reactive and not looking backwards”.

  • How to deal with feelings of fear and scarcity.

  • The difference between a self-proclaimed expert and true expert.

  • What Sunny did on Instagram due to her recent frustrations.

  • The importance editing who you follow on social media.

  • Sunny’s vision then, now, and for the future.

  • Success ripples - why it’s one of the most important things for Sunny to create.

  • How Sunny finds “balance” and how she looks at it.

  • Sunny’s non-negotiables

  • Her experience with relationships and being single.

  • The biggest key in her relationship that keeps it healthy.

  • How Sunny and her boyfriend maintain balance in their relationship.

  • How her relationship is a “healing relationship”.

  • How being in different “worlds” helps keep her relationship healthy.

  • The tool that Sunny uses everyday that she couldn’t live without.

  • What social media platform Sunny thinks is best and why.

  • Sunny’s advice to her 20-year-old self

  • Sunny’s Rebel Cause