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When Things Get Tough

Erin Treloar




On this episode, I talk with Erin Treloar founder of Raw Beauty Talks. Erin is all about self-love and self-acceptance and is not afraid to really open up about the hard stuff. Which we definitely get into in this powerful and vulnerable episode.

What initially drew me to Erin was the incredibly raw and honest images she posts of REAL women and their REAL bodies on her @rawbeautytalks Instagram account. If you haven’t already, please do check it out. It’s so incredibly refreshing and empowering. So, without further ado… lets dive right in.

Key Points

  • How Erin spent her morning the day we recorded

  • How life has changed since moving to Whistler

  • The big business decision Erin had to make in order to move to Whistler

  • Erin’s vision moving forward for Raw Beauty Talks

  • On being in a constant state of seeking and wondering

  • The importance of reconnecting with your body in the age of information

  • How our emotions give us signals

  • Why we need to allow ourselves to feel our feelings

  • Diving into the darkness - hard lessons from 2018

  • Pushing too hard and eventually breaking down

  • Fear and resistance around going on anti-anxiety medication, how she moved through them, and what shifted in her perspective

  • Balancing the western and eastern styles of medicine

  • The thoughts that move through our mind when it’s not healthy and how we “tie a string” and put them on loop

  • How Erin met her husband and how she knew he was the one

  • How a 3-month break turned things around when they were dating

  • Opening up to “big love” and what that looks like

  • On men changing and evolving

Rapid Fire

  1. Where is your favorite place in the whole world?

  2. Favorite sound?

  3. Favorite time of day?

  4. Favorite part of your body?

  5. What is a book has had a big impact on your life?

  6. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  7. What is your Rebel Cause?


Instagram: @rawbeautytalks | @erintreloar | @freetobetalks

Website: |

Facebook: Raw Beauty Talks

Space: Co-working in Whistler


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