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On Connecting During Tough Times - Audio Coffee 005

Your Host - Katie B



On this episode of the RRP Audio Coffee, we’re talking all about connection and the power in finding ways to connect back to yourself when you feel out of sorts. As always I also pull a card from the energy deck and it is definitely representative of the times. I hope you enjoy this episode’s Monday Mashup as I find it to be particularly powerful this week. Ok, enjoy!

Key Points

  • Addressing the current crazy energy

  • Reminder to reconnect and ground to our “North Star”

  • You’re not alone in feeling a little frazzled

  • How to reconnected and ground


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Lynnette Duncan Oracle of Your Soul

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck


Intro: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe

Throughout & Outro: Cold Weather Kids - Aerocity

Collective Card Pull - March 4, 2019



Fire consumes anything that it touches. The flames remind us of the impermanent nature of reality, and how situations can quickly transform into beauty or chaos. Fire is passion, and its dancing flames invite us to reach to the sky. Warmth and light are heavenly, yet too much heat can scorch us. To fully step into the energy of fire is to be utterly transformed, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.


Warm your hands and your heart by your inner fire. Let it burn away your hardships; let it consume your pain and your sorrow. Has life become too rigid, too cold, or too superficial? Light a candle or make a bonfire, and toss into the flames everything that has become stiff and painful. Give it all to the fire for rapid transformation. Set your life on fire!


Are you feeling too fiery? Have you been reactive and short-tempered towards others? This card has come to tell you that fiery emotions directed at others can “backfire” at you. It is not a good idea to play with fire when you are out of balance of angry. Now is not the time to act or react. It is time to tame and befriend your inner fire so it does not scorch you.