My Mom - Lisa B 039


On Change, Motherhood, and Just going with it

My Mom - Lisa B



On this episode, I talk with my Mom! From the moment I saw that an episode would be released on my Mom’s birthday I wanted to have her on. This is a bit out of the normal routine, but it might be my favourite one yet. There are LOTS of giggles and laughs as well as insightful moments and insight especially around motherhood and raising four kids as a stay at home Mom. We had a lot of fun recording and I hope that translates to your ears. I also hope this episode lightens your day as much as it did while I was editing it.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Key Points

  • Lisa’s childhood and growing up on a farm

  • The differences growing up then and seeing her children grow up now

  • On innocence in childhood

  • Her childhood interests

  • On being ok spending time alone

  • On being at peace with her childhood

  • Buddy the cow and 4H

  • How farm animals are treated these days vs when she was a kid

  • On hating peas and broccoli

  • The pressure of choosing a career in high school and not knowing what she wanted to do

  • Wanting to be an X-ray technician but changing her mind

  • Lots of giggles

  • The time where Katie accidentally cut herself with a knife and didn’t tell anyone

  • Working at the chocolate factory

  • Working as a legal receptionist with a huge computer downtown

  • On changing jobs and starting a family

  • On being a wonderful Mom and famous chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

  • The school system and the pressure to choose a career

  • On meeting my Dad and how he proposed

  • Becoming a mother for the first time

  • The best parenting advice she ever got

  • The difference in having a baby in 1986 vs 1998

  • On motherhood being a flow state

  • Losing a baby and having to have a D&C

  • On being blue when I was born

  • The difference in all of baby the deliveries

  • On being put in a “box” growing up and having to unlearn stories

  • Having a baby at 37 and the ages between the 4 kids

  • How she definitely does not have an opinion on tattoos

  • What makes her most happy

  • On the pressure that our generation feels

  • Living on one income and being a stay and home Mom

  • On being with family and being happy

Rapid Fire

  1. What is your favourite place?

  2. What is your favourite sound?

  3. What is your favourite smell?

  4. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  5. What is your Rebel Cause?


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