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Living and Speaking Truth Unapologetically

Janne Robinson




On this episode, I talk with Janne Robinson a 21st-century feminist beat poet who is a real live badass woman and someone I’ve been waiting to have on since the beginning.

Janne lives the California dream driving her Jeep to the nearest surf spot before she even thinks about diving into anything else for the day. She is wild, she is free, and she is living her truth through and through. Her outspoken and powerful prose hits home on a level few can reach. She simply is, unapologetically Janne.

Key Points

  • Janne’s background - where she grew up and her lineage

  • Her incredible Mother and how she has always inspired Janne

  • Janne’s thoughts on her childhood

  • The catalyst for Janne going to find her Father

  • How she got started in writing

  • Why Janne decided to drop what she was doing and go after what really made her feel alive and aligned

  • She she decided to move to the coast

  • Her mentor Dianne Whalen and her influence and support

  • What it’s like for her to date a Cancer and be a Cancer herself

  • How she connects with home and alone time

  • Self-worth in business vs. in relationships

  • Men and woman and what they’re needing now

  • What surfing means to Janne and how it has become her “church”

  • Burnout

  • The importance of carving out sacred time

  • Janne’s book “This is For the Women Who Don’t Give a Fuck”

  • How Janne deals with the push-back

  • The importance of “not picking it up”

  • Why she loves her Jeep

Rapid Fire

  1. What is your go-to beverage?

  2. What’s your favorite place to eat?

  3. Favorite clothing item right now?

  4. What is your favorite curse word?

  5. Where do you see yourself in 5-years?

  6. What book or books have you read recently that you think are worth mentioning?

  7. What advice would you have for someone that feels overwhelmed?

  8. What’s your best advice on how to live life authentically

  9. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  10. What is your Rebel Cause?



Intro/Transition/Outro: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe