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On 500 Days in the Wild

Dianne Whelan



On this episode, I talk with Dianne Whelan. An incredible woman who has embarked on the journey of a lifetime in search of the answers to the questions “what have we forgotten?” and “What do we need to know?”. Her story unfolds along the longest trail in the world, the 24,000 km Trans Canada Trail, where she has already spent the last three years and estimates another two.

Dianne has met so many incredible people and communities on her path so far that have taught her invaluable lessons about connection (to the land and each other), purpose, ceremony, trust, and so much more. However, perhaps the most incredible person she has faced on this journey of 500 Days in the Wild, is herself.

Key Points

  • The beautiful landscape of Saskatchewan that Dianne is immersed in at the time of our interview

  • How the time-frame of her journey has expanded

  • On letting go of her schedule and watching her watch.

  • Spending a week with the Ojibwa people in ceremony

  • What Dianne was doing before this journey (40 Days at Base Camp)

  • The story of the White Raven and how it captivated Dianne

  • How the White Raven lead to the walkabout that is now 500 Days in the Wild

  • Connecting back to the story of the ancestors of the Canadian land

  • How Dianne pays her respects and holds space for the murdered and missing women along her journey

  • How what’s in your heart shapes your journey

  • What has surprised Dianne about the indigenous communities she’s come across

  • On the times where Dianne finds herself alone on the journey

  • Meeting bears, moose, and people along her path

  • The story of the stormy night and the hunters

  • Choosing to live from a place of love and kindness as opposed to fear

  • Diving deeper into a quote from one of Dianne’s 500 Days in the Wild video “we used to live in a society and now we live in an economy”

  • The sickness of the individualism mentality

  • Letting the heart lead and why it’s important

  • On success and money

  • What we’re doing to our home planet earth

  • The broken myth of capitalism

  • Decisions made for seven generations

  • The broken myth and what Dianne is searching for on her journey

  • The importance of seeing the good in order to move forward

  • Our purpose to one another

  • What being in nature has taught Dianne about feminine energy

  • Dianne’s thoughts on why so many have moved away from religion

  • On feminism, injustice, and standing together

  • The importance of patience with the process of creation

  • How much longer (estimated) Dianne has on her journey

  • Why she’s returning to Haida Gwaii to complete her journey

Rapid Fire

  1. What do you eat for breakfast on the trail?

  2. What are the top 3 items in your pack you couldn’t be without?

  3. What is a book or books you’ve read that you think are worth sharing?

  4. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  5. What is your Rebel Cause?


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Facebook: 500daysinthewild

The Ojibwa People

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Base Camp: 40 Days on Everest - Book by Dianne Whelan

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The Mi’kmaq People

Janne Robinson

Ayn Rand

Bill Reid’s Raven in the clamshell

Silent Spring - Book by Rachel Carson

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