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How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

Your Host - Katie B



On this episode of the Real Rebel Podcast Audio Coffee edition, we talk all about ways to release ourselves from the grip of, well… ourselves!

First off, if you’re listening to this episode or even just intrigued by it, ku-freaking-dos to you.

It means that you’re bumping up against some real change. And change, as you well know, can be a terrifying thing. A good thing! But also terrifying.

The points we dive into are seeing fear and not resisting it, telling yourself a new story (crafting a new enticing vision that’s so badass you can’t help but feel giddy when you think about it), the importance of not taking things too seriously (aka having fun), the importance of acting even if we feel we’re not ready, and a few other tidbits and surprises I didn’t expect to riff on.

As I like to say this is simply a reminder of wisdom already encoded in you on some level. Because sometimes when we’re in the throws of big scary and exciting new changes, we can forget who the eff we are.

Your Host,

Katie B

Key Points

  • Riff on how to stop holding yourself back

  • Card pull (x1)

  • Monday Mashup


Collective Card Pull - October 14, 2019





Intro: Custom Track by Extra Deluxe

Monday Mashup & Outro: Circle of Life by Whitesand