Screw Perfection

I'm so over it.

Everywhere we look (online) we're bombarded with perfect images. Perfect hair, perfect, clothes, perfect business, perfect life.

I call bullshit.

Nothing real looks that good on a consistent basis. Period.

Here's what my life looks like (as I launch a podcast) on a daily basis...

Wake up wearing an old stained t-shirt with fuzzy hair, puffy eyes, and looking pale AF. Stumbled out of bed 15 -20 mins after my alarm. Think to myself "holy shit here we go again!". Have to convince myself I can do it. Brush teeth. Think to myself "Jesus I have to clean this bathroom". Put on minimal amount of makeup and thank god for its existence. Straighten/style the front pieces of my hair because I can't be bothered to do the back. I work from home so... no one sees the back except my boyfriend... and I'm pretty sure he's cool with it. Make the same old boring breakfast. Eat it while watching Casey Niestat. Love that guy. Think to myself "I really gottta scrub down this kitchen". Sit butt down in chair (still in pajamas) and get to work. Constantly have to remind myself to not look at the big scary mountain ahead of me and just focus on the step in front me. Fail at that often. Work until I feel like a blob. Make dinner, go to bed, repeat.

Now, of course, there's more to it than this. Like yesterday I went swimming in the ocean and had a nap on a sailboat. It was lovely. But it also was an anomaly. Or a part of my highlight reel if you will. But what I describe above is the general framework for my life right now. Not pretty and boring AF.

So next time you see someone on the interwebs (my fave word for the internet), prancing around in a garden of roses while simultaneously practicing yoga and eating avocado toast, just remember, they're human just like you, and their life is probably not nearly as shiny as they're making it out to be.

So screw spending any time trying to even come close to modeling your life after someones highlight real. It's utterly pointless and a total waste of your time. 

That is all.