My Dear Rebel,

I stand behind you.

My job on this earth is remind you of who the f*ck you are.

Do you feel stuck? Lost? Frustrated? Like you’re half the person you know you can be? Like you’re suspended in a point of transition? Like nothing is working? Lost in limbo and running out of steam?

Yea, I get it… I know that place well.

I’m here for you.

My gift has always been to see right through to people’s soul.

Right to their innate beauty. I’ve been this way since I was a child. I see people with such clarity, through all of the bullshit stories, the self-constructed walls, the fear, the judgement, the disconnected beliefs.

I just see the purity of their soul. It has always been this way.

I’ve kept this to myself for a long time, but it’s time to walk my talk.

I’ve decided it’s time to use my gift.

I am here to stand behind you.

Right at your back, unflinchingly, unwaveringly, ready to reflect back your own brilliance when you’ve forgotten who you are.

This is about having someone in your corner. Someone who see’s you so f*cking clearly that they won’t allow you to settle for anything less that what you deserve. This is about getting you reacquainted with who you are - with your core, your source, your universal power, to the point where you don’t need me. Not that you ever really did.

And if you trip, or forget, or find yourself slipping on loose ground, I will still be there. Right behind you using my heart to reflect back the light within your own. And doing so happily.


The Details

  • Every 2-months I will open up 4 spots.

  • For those 2-months we will have a 1-hour session each week via zoom.

  • Sessions will be recorded for you to reference when needed.

  • We will focus on your loudest pain point. The thing that is causing you the most discomfort.

  • We will dive down to the root of the issue, into the darkness, and work to shift your energy on the deepest level.

  • For each session I will pull an energy card using the same deck I use on the podcast.

  • After the two months you have the option of booking one-off sessions when needed.

I will happily be standing behind you, ready to reflect your own brilliance back to you when you need it.