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on Men and Masculinity

Connor Beaton



On this episode, I talk with Connor Beaton founder of ManTalks. Connor is the founder of ManTalks an international organization focused on men’s health, wellness, success, and fulfillment. He is also a speaker, podcast host,  facilitator, and coach working with men and women from all over the world. Before founding ManTalks, Connor had a brief career as an opera singer and worked at Apple, leading high-performance sales and operations teams. Since founding ManTalks, Connor has spoken on stage at TEDx, taken ManTalks to over a dozen cities internationally and has been featured on platforms like Forbes, Influencive, HeForShe, The Good Men Project, UN Women, CBC, CBS, and the National Post.

This conversation blew my mind on so many levels. I learned an incredible amount of highly useful and insightful information. I hope it brings the same to you. Enjoy!

Key Points

  • Connor’s origin story - where he grew up and what his childhood was like

  • What is was like working in a hyper-masculine environment and how it shaped him growing up

  • The facade that he built and how it came crumbling down

  • The one rule of men

  • Where the term “man up” came from

  • Why and how masculinity was put on a pedestal

  • How men have been seen as less valuable than women

  • How wearing a mask and hiding himself eventually lead to everything falling apart

  • The catalyst for the work he’s doing with men now

  • How men keep intimate and emotional truths to themselves

  • The importance of men being around other great men

  • The pressure put on men to preform in all areas of life (sexually, financially, athletically, etc.)

  • What the void is and why it comes about in the first place

  • How and why men experience “empty achievement” and what happens after

  • The parts of themselves that men reject in order to “fit into a mold”

  • When men feel lost within but put a different story forward

  • The existential crisis men have around meaning and what’s true and not true

  • Men and their relationship with purpose

  • How a mans’ purpose and his desire to commit are intertwined

  • The question around expansion we need to be asking ourselves

  • The rise of the feminine and the effect it’s had on men and the masculine

  • The internal battles we’re facing right now

  • Men, women, and communication

  • Mother and Father wounds

  • The initiation from boyhood to manhood

  • The importance of healing Fathers

  • The importance of men groups

  • Men and sex

  • Men and porn

Rapid Fire

  1. Where is your favourite place in the world?

  2. What is your favourite childhood memory?

  3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be?

  4. What does the first and last hour of your day look like?

  5. What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

  6. What is your Rebel Cause?


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